The Versatile Blogger Award

the versatile blogger

Schedule’s been so crazy lately that much to my desire to update this blog, I wasn’t able to do so. I wanna thank Venus of Emotera Goddess for The Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) nomination. You got my ass up and write girl! hahaha! Well, I have been nominated for more than a week now but just got the time to get on to this post and participate in this amazing and fabulous loop of blogger nomination. So without further ado, let’s get this started!

7 Random Facts About Me

  • I gave up the corporate life to work from home as I wanted to focus on taking good care of my boys and my health too.
  • I love Fitness! In fact I think I am addicted to it! I workout 5x a week and I love to lift weights. I love to challenge my body and push it to its limit. I aim to motivate and to inspire.
  • Black and Blue, I seem to have obsession with these colors. Most of my wardrobe consists of these two shades. Slowly getting out of that comfort zone and explore other shades. It’s weird though because I love pink! Must be the excess weight way back. :D :D
  • Hard to make me cry with sentimental movies, unless it involves children. But if it’s just pure drama, nah! I prefer to watch romcom movies though or anything light.
  • I love Fashion, I love to dress up, experiment but not that bold and way too out of my comfort zone. I’m more of the girly & dressy type of fashion. Though I’d probably should go out of my comfort zone too! Fashion wise!
  • I love to sing. Though I’m not really good at it. I just sing. It often soothes my nerves.
  • I love milktea and pizza! You now see the need for me to workout, right?! With my current regimen, I can get milktea at least ones or twice a week and the pizza, on my cheat days.


My Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) Nominees:

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Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online
Sigrid of Sigrid Says
Karen of Mommy Kayce
Phebie of Loves Haven
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Sana of Sanasanz

About the Versatile Blogger Award

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to the blog.
2. Select 15 blogs you have recently discovered and nominate them.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

3 Simple Yet Truly Effective Home Energy Saving Tips That You Must Know

Are you tired of paying high electricity or energy bills? Have you ever thought of doing something to somewhat lower your energy consumption so you can save some money? If yes, you must read this!

Here are 5 basic tips that can effectively help you lower your energy bills. These are proven effective tips in conserving energy.

home energy saving tips

Change Your Light Bulbs

There are lots of light bulbs out there that eat up little energy. Those light bulbs are proven to consume lesser electricity compared to the old ones that our parents use during their days. If you are living in an old house with old lighting fixtures, consider replacing them with the energy efficient bulbs. Aside from lowering your energy consumption, it can also drastically improve your home’s overall look.

Unplug Those Unused Appliances

Any appliance that is turned off but left plugged in still consumes energy. Imagine if all of your appliances are left plugged in and you go out of town for a week or so? Even you turned them all off before leaving, they still consume a good chunk of energy. This is why it’s pretty important to make it a habit to unplug those unused appliances. Try this and for sure you will notice a big difference at your next energy bill.

Use Energy Efficient Appliance

If you are going to buy new appliances, better buy the ones that promises low energy consumption. This is much more practical if you are moving to a new house with new appliances in mind. Look for those energy efficient labels or proofs that are usually attached with them. Although they might come in a bit costly compared to appliances, it can save you a good amount of money in the long run.

Always remember that whenever you conserve energy, you also saved a good amount of money. There’s no reason for you not to follow or try the above said tips.

For more of this kind of tips and advice, you can visit this blog.

M10 Friends For Lifetime

We have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime.

I am so glad that I am surrounded with a lot of friends who are truly there for me through thick and thin, and who genuinely cares. Friends from this life’s journey that have made each of my days meaningful and I just thank God for abundantly blessing me with friends.

In my life’s journey I have met a lot of friends that turned out to have become friends for a lifetime. Among them are these nine (9) amazing ladies I have met way back High School. We became a group during third year, started a bond that remained 20 years after and counting! Though there were times that we lost track of each other’s lives during college and some earlier parts of our adult years, we know that the friendship is always there.

After years of not being together, we finally made time to gather. Thanks to Luremy for making sure the mini reunion will happen! Though we were not complete, it was still one heck of a reunion!

M10 promSo this was US during third year high school (Phulleezze don’t laugh at those errr..gowns? dress? Whatever! I already laughed to hard, seriously hard!) But mind you, I bet we individually felt the prettiest with what we were wearing. I remember I adored my dress because it fits my body perfectly, my 23 inches waistline! haha!. Where did that waistline go? haha!

US now! minus Mago who didn’t make it to the mini reunion due to schedule constraint and Teofy, whom we can’t locate. Thanks to today’s technology, seeing each other and talking to each other despite miles being apart has become very possible. Thank you Vanessa, Venus, and Debbie for staying online despite the time difference just to catch a glimpse of us back home.

So let me describe each one of these ladies (let’s see if they’d agree — they have no choice anyway! ahhaahah!)..Let’s start from the top left:

Vanessa – she’s pretty and she’s tough. No holds barred when she talks. Petite but mind you, she can smack you in the face! ahahahahah! I remember those admirers she had way back, they would often hesitate because as pretty and as small as she is, she’ll give you a piece of her fierce ass if you mess with her. Proof? she’s a CAT officer and she almost or did she smack one of the cadet’s face on one of the formations we had! ahhaha! (I am guilty with it too, I slapped one cadet too with a rolled folder on one of the formations! ahhahaha! We are indeed friends!)

Venus – Our “choy2x”. She was very boyish. One of the boys as we call it but when she dances, she’s very much of a girl! haha! She would sport outfits that are way opposite from our usual girly get-up. I seriously think she has the tiniest waistline among the 10 of us. She’s crazy funny!

Debbie – beautiful Debbie! Personally I think she is the primmest and the most proper among us. It was so hard to get her to go with our usual lakwatsas as a group because seems like weekends is blocked for church or home activities for her. Very soft spoken and I never really recall her engage in any fight or even a very slight argument with anyone. She is just an angel!

Em-Em – me in white below. I think I’ll skip because I’ll be very bias if I’ll describe myself. i’ll leave that to my friends. hahahaha!

Ruvelyn -small but very talented! She is the dancer in the group. Well we all dance (I’d like to think so) but she is our queen in dancing — are there any violent reaction ladies? lol! She is talkative and gets so excited when she talks about something and we’ll all be ears listening to her. i just love it when she laughs, it’s just so contagious!

Luremy - the most serious in our group way back! She’s like the “ate” or eldest sister, well aside from the fact that she’s the tallest in the group, I think she was the most matured and most disciplined (almost stiff? – hahaha). She’d usually land the class President or VP because she seriously is that responsible..ate nga di ba? When she talks, she is very animated, it’s almost her story is always conveyed with her facial expressions and hand gestures. :D :D.

Louella – the morena and Filipina beauty in the group. Boys adore her! It’s so easy to make her laugh, like seriously she’d laugh at the corniest joke! hahaha! Her place was our favorite hangout because her mom is the most supportive (foods, foods, and more foods courtesy of her mom!). Don’t try to fool her with false or funny information because she’d believe so easily! ahhaha! She’s a little naive or she just take things a little too seriously. She loves to sing too and she can’t live without a hanky on hand!

Lowela – Tall, morena beauty, and straightforward, that’s her. The bootilicious Weng! she’s got some serious asset right there that we learn to appreciate more now that we have grown more mature. Kikay but not OA, if you know what I mean (in fact mas OA pa ako!) hahahah! She’s among those who loves to express her feelings through cards and letters she made herself. Cautious with her actions and handles responsibilities well.

I can tell a lot of stories about these ladies but it will take more than one blog post to do that. Will share instead some photos of our get together from couple of days ago. I must say, I was elated to see them! Louella’s house was filled with laughter, a little reminiscing, and more of catching up! This definitely won’t be the last. Now that we have started to reconnect, it’ll be a new chapter of our friendship.

 m10 cA lot of chika over lunch! It took us hours to get our asses up from that table! hahahaha! We must’ve eaten so much! We enjoyed every moment of it anyway, so who cares!

M10aThe way we used to be. We love to take photos as a group. Too bad we are not complete this time as the others are overseas and Mago and Teofy were nowhere to be found.

We are not always together but we certainly know when one needs the others

The Weekend Currently – Sunday

The Weekend

It’s the weekend again! Well actually few more hours to go and we are on to a brand new week. Yes, right, I am writing this on a Sunday as opposed to the Saturday shown in the image :).

The latest blog post I made on my Beauty and Fashion blog. Something that I urgently need!

The Weekend Currently entry. Right, this one! I just finished updating my other blog so I think I am good to go here.

To the sound of the fan going back and forth? hahahahaha! Surprisingly I didn’t have any music on as of the moment which reminds me, I should play one! So there, now playing “Your Favorite Coffehouse” playlist. It’s warm, soft, and nice chill music.

Of something that recently happened. The should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, and even the what ifs! I know what I did was right, yet I still have this “what ifs” in my head that is leaving me curious!

That sweet scent my friend sprayed onto me! Ahhh! I found it the other day and I’ll definitely get that sweet scent for myself :).

That life is less complicated — still. That my happiness would not mean the pain for someone else. If only I could care less of what others will think, I’d probably jump into it, but no, I am not that person.

To get through the coming days with a joyful heart despite the bumps along the way, the “unwanted” thoughts, unnecessary emotions, and some could’ve, would’ve, should’ve(s).

My favorite short shorts – for some reason this makes me feel the sexiest! hahahaha! The usual “pambahay” getup.

The super clean backyard and frontyard! Thanks to that manong who came in early to clean everything as I didn’t have time to do it by myself.

To go to the salon and have my hair colored to complete the transformation as my friend calls it. Thinking of an ash brown hair color. Tomorrow, I hope I’ll have the time to do so :).

A little perplexed over this confusing feeling. I’ll be fine though. Been to a lot of crazy thoughts and emotions and I managed to get out from all of it alive and smiling.

So there goes! sweet and short! I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far. Again, remember that happiness is a choice! Everything is a choice, whether to love or to hate, to leave or to stay, it is a choice.

How to Edit Your Vacation Photos with the Movavi Photo Suite

Have you just got back from an amazing vacation and started to go through the snaps you took only to find that some of them didn’t turn out the way you wanted? It is fairly common to find that vacation photos may not turn out ‘perfect’ due to circumstances out of your control, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

2Of course that being said there is an easy solution if you’re able to edit your photos. That way you can fix whatever is wrong with them, improve their overall quality, and maybe even crank up the style by transforming them in other ways too. Although many people feel that editing photos is rather complicated, the fact of the matter is that with the Movavi Photo Suite it really isn’t.

In no small part this is due to the approach that the software takes to photo editing. Instead of confronting you with a plethora of technical options, it has a carefully engineered user interface that emphasizes an intuitive and accessible standpoint. Long story short, you should be able to find and utilize all of its powerful features without needing to jump through hoops to do so.

Some of the options that you’ll have at your disposal to edit your vacation photos include:

  • Improving and enhancing the image quality of the photos by tweaking the contrast and brightness, hue and saturation, temperature, exposure, and so on.
  • Transforming the orientation and framing of the photo by flipping, cropping, rotating, leveling, and resizing it.
  • Replacing and removing elements in the photo as is required, including the background if need be.
  • Applying attractive filters to morph the photo’s style to lomo, sepia, black-and-white, acid, oil painting, and many other options.
  • Inserting stylish and customizable text captions.

All this is really just the tip of the iceberg. As you’ll find, the Movavi Photo Suite has literally everything that you need to edit photos and make them look absolutely stunning in the process. The only real limitation on what you’re able to accomplish with it will be the borders of your own imagination – so let it free, and see what you can get done.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself and you’ll see that it really is user-friendly and easy to use. In fact, you’ll undoubtedly master it in no time and be able to edit much more than just your vacation photos.

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