Struggles, Realizations, and Motivations in Parenteen

Today, I am feeling a bit beaten up and distressed because I felt such a failure being a mother to my two teenage boys. I feel like I’ve done everything I could to raise them to be with integrity, loving, gentle, forgiving, and above all God-fearing boys but to no avail. Of course that is coupled with prayers for God’s guidance and wisdom. I needed to take a deep breath and pause so I’d stop beating myself up for being not perfect as a parent (**sigh**) and for not seeing my boys perfectly living in a way I have hoped they’d live.

As I scanned through my planner and went through the bible after crying out to God, I felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance and God’s message for me today is clear. I realized that both me and my children are God’s work in progress. I need not beat myself up for my boys’ failures and shortcomings and realize that they are still young, they have a looooong way to go and need more guidance and love in this world we brought them into. They too have their struggles and as their mom, I am supposed to be here to address those and assure them of my unconditional love so they too will be capable of giving that kind of love in ALL of their dealings, moreso when it’s their time to lead their own homes.

mommy and sons

Today’s positive quote empowered me to go the extra mile in raising my boys. “All the sacrifices of a Godly mother are paid in full when she sees all her children serve the Lord.” It is truly my prayer for my boys to be so in love with Jesus Christ and be the kind of men someday that God always wanted them to be. I know there will be a lot of challenges along the way, but I know also that God is on my side in raising them. He has perfect plans for them and I need not to worry because our God is amazing, loving and good.

These videos came along my facebook feeds also today and they inspired me to be a better mom/person while I push through life.

As parents, our time with out children is limited so let’s do everything we can to create memories with them — pleasant memories that when they look back, they will see our love and sacrifices for them beyond our imperfections as parents.

While this motivational video is not really for parenting, I am sharing this also because this helped me stay focused on my personal goals as a person. The better I feel about myself, the better I can be as a Mom to my boys.

The Saturday Weekend Currently

The Weekend

It’s the weekend again and I am loving the weather today. It’s Saturday, well it’s almost over, the sun is setting and here I am just relaxing, worrying over nothing, totally chilling after doing some Saturday mommy slash homemaker chores. Let’s see what is my CURRENTLY look like!


Random feeds from my facebook, random tweets and articles (not so much of it). So basically I am just being nosy! :D

The Saturday Weekend Currently entry. Right, this one! Planning to update my Beauty and Fashion blog after this though.

And singing along Mandisa’s worship songs specifically “You Wouldn’t Cry For Me”. I just love the song, the lyrics, the melody and Mandisa!

Not really thinking of anything relevant. Just not thinking of anything.

My coffee right beside me.

That life is less complicated, no pain and easy. But then again, it wouldn’t probably make sense if life has no challenge at all. I won’t be learning. Still I wish at times, I can just close my eyes and forget all the painful things.

To get through the coming days with a joyful heart despite the bumps along the way, the “unwanted” thoughts, unnecessary emotions, and some could’ve, would’ve, should’ve(s).

A blue haltered dress. I am unusually dressy today that my mom thought I have somewhere to go :D. There are just times that I feel like dressing up though I am just home.

The weather and the peaceful and tidy home! It’s a little gloomy today and I am loving the cold weather, plus! the tidy home is just relaxing. Continue reading

Getting Stronger

I’m back! I have been meaning to blog/update since few weeks back but I don’t know, it seemed like I couldn’t put into writings the things that I want to say and the experiences I want to share. I have a worse case than this thing they call “writer’s block”. Plus! I have been so out-of-focus lately that I couldn’t compose a simple sentence for the life of me! It’s both frustrating and disappointing! Did I mention I also was too lazy? Or at least it’s safe to say the mind was willing but I just couldn’t put it into writings :(. Okay **rant over**

Getting stronger – it can mean physically or emotionally. I’d like to think that I have become stronger in both areas but today let’s just focus on the physical aspect of being strong as I’d like to spare you of my life’s drama :D. If you’ve been in my blog before you probably know already that I have embarked on a Fitness Journey, like SERIOUSLY! 4 months ago (this month -August being my 4th) and I am loving how my body is changing as the days, weeks, and months goes by. I have been lifting weights since I started training with coach Moy and doing so makes me feel stronger and in control of my body and as they say in every fitness journey, there’s no way but up! In the gym, you only get stronger each day. I remember, I started with 5 lbs dumbbells on my first few days, or was it weeks? I couldn’t really remember but I know, my weights increased as I also progressed. And guess what today?! It’s actually a little milestone for me as my coach decided that he will challenge my strength – well actually he already knew there’s this unutilized strength that he needed to bring out. So I did the compound deadlift increasing the dumb bells weight each time, started with 30lbs (total 60lbs), then 40lbs (total 80lbs), and 50lbs (total 100lbs)! I thought he was crazy and he thought I was strong! Hahaha! See the contrast? Today was definitely a heavier chest and back day plus the leg press (a little heavier than I used to have 160lbs). Weights and more weights!

50 lbs dumb bells deadlift Continue reading

Why I Love Online Shopping

I can still remember those times when I would waste so much time checking out every stores inside the mall or my favorite independent stores looking for the best deals for certain things I need at home. It is seriously energy draining! Imagine two to four hours of walking, browsing and falling in line at the cashier when shopping! The thought of it alone is already exhausting me.

online shopping advantage

Then came the era of online shopping! Imagine my happiness when it became the thing! I have to admit though that I was skeptical at first because it’s basically online and everyone is susceptible to fraud! It took me really a while to trust the process and went ahead and indulge (no, not like the indulge, indulge! :D). I just love that online shopping gives me limitless options and I don’t have to wait for an item to be available at our local stores. At this point I can say that I am an absolute online shopping fan! Here are some of the reasons why I love it!

Convenience – I don’t have to waste a lot of energy walking (though it’s a good exercise) around to look for the items I want to buy. And I can shop ANYTIME because it’s online and the stores are open 24/7.

Endless Choices – I love that I have a LOT of choices online! There are dozens of stores online one can choose from for a single item. For example, I have been looking for a skater skirt that best suit me and I tried checking out from our local department stores and boutiques but couldn’t find one that I love. With online shopping, I have tons of shops just a click away as options. After few clicks without exhausting myself physically I finally found what I wanted from the ZALORA Skater Skirts collection. Zalora is actually one of the trusted online shopping place I go to.

Information and Reviews – This is one feature that I love about shopping online. I get to see reviews from customers about a certain product. We all have this moments where we bought something but ended up disappointed. Having this review feature definitely helps in deciding whether I will buy a certain product or not since these are coming from real people who actually have purchased the same item.

The Best Deals – Yes! online shopping gives the customer the chance to quickly seek out deals for items or services with many different vendors.

Those are just few of the reasons why I am inlove with online shopping. Just a quick reminder though, make sure that you purchase from a trusted website. Do some research or ask first before making your purchase.

Have some online shopping tips? Drop me a line! :)



The WoMom Fitness Journey

For those who know me personally or shall I say closely, you probably know that I have been trying to get back in shape since 2012. I am among those women who are not really pleased with what they see when they look at the mirror. Well not that I hate myself but I just know that I can do more to look better. I love fashion, I love to dress up and somehow with me literally bloated I just find myself so limited. Maybe I am just not as creative as I am supposed to be and got stuck with the fashion ideas for the small-medium frame.

Well anyway, I started trying to get in shape by doing Insanity – like craaaazzzyyy Insanity by Shaun T. It’s a super intense HIIT workout and yes, I shed off couple of pounds after few weeks and looked a bit better but on my 6th week I had to stop because I suffered from vertigo (self-diagnosed). I get dizzy even by just shifting my head from left to right so I knew I needed to rest. I had myself to blame for it as I was really lacking a lot of sleep (4 hours of sleep, 5 hours the most everyday) while I was on it. I wasn’t able to go back after that “rest” and ultimately I gained the weight back.

I didn’t give up, I was alternately doing a lot of home workouts, joined some fun runs or run somewhere. I wasn’t consistent though and didn’t really pay attention to my diet. There was also a time where I joined the herbalife weight loss challenge on one of the Nutrition Clubs in the city and again, I wasn’t that persistent perhaps and I ended up not completing it. I lasted two weeks, lost a total of 5 pounds and then stopped again, then back to gaining it all again and maybe even more. I remained bloated! :-/. But hey! still, I did not stop! Is it obvious now how clueless I was?

home workout

Working Out From Home

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