The Importance of Effective Teaching

“I will never become a teacher! Teaching is not for me, I don’t have the patience.” , those were my lines way back my senior high school years until college. I never see myself becoming an effective teacher in any way possible until just recently. It’s amazing how God can turn things and life views around. I went back to school to acquire the skills of becoming an effective teacher.

On one of our class’ discussion, a topic on Principles on effective teaching was discussed and somehow some points there hit me real hard. The items / list of principles presented looks easy but I assume it won’t be as easy when I am already in the real world of teaching – that is, if my heart is not on it. All points there I found relevant, however one principle that got me nodding my head, is the Connecting of Knowledge or as the reporter presented it “Connect Knowledge” According to Angelo 1193, p.5 “The more meaningful and appropriate connections students make between what they know and what they are learning, the more permanently they will anchor new information in long-term memory and the easier it will be for them to access that information when it’s needed” For me, this really makes a lot of sense. I can definitely well self-apply this principle. It is indeed easy to remember new learning that is associated to what you already know. This promotes easy recall on the learning acquired since students have referenced it to a knowledge that’s been acquired before. This made me realize further that as a teacher, it is important to be creative in delivering your outlined lessons. Sticking to what’s written on the reference book can be boring and the goal to impart learning on the subject matter might be futile. I personally think this principle is very effective in getting the attention of the students especially in subjects where most of the learners find challenging to grasp. Application of the “connect knowledge” principle might probably be challenging to teachers on some complex subjects, but I firmly believe that if you will it, you can do it.

Having mentioned about “will-ing” it, the sixth principle presented can very well be connected to the Connect Knowledge principle. ‘Demand Quality’ is something a teacher should be vocal from the very beginning of the course or school year. “Expecting students to perform well becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy” (Chickering & Ehrmann, 1996, p. 5) – to this I strongly agree. It is just fitting for a teacher who does his best in teaching not to tolerate mediocrity in his students’ performance. The kind of students a teacher produces defines him in his profession, even as a person.

The lesson made me further realize that being a teacher means being willing to go the extra mile, selfless sensitivity and creativity to become effective over and over because teaching is endless. There were a lot of relevant topics discussed that same day, but the Principles of Effective Teaching was a home run for me. It honestly helped me understand how to become an effective teacher and these principles I will surely remember when I get there.

Happy Monday

Hello everyone! It’s a brand new week and this WoMom is determined to make it happy and productive. I thank the Lord for the continuous guidance. I hope you too will have an awesome week full of love, happiness and abundance! We may not have everything we ask, but trust in the Lord, He will take care of the things we need. So keep calm, it’s monday! SMILE!

“Now may the God of hope full you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” Romans 15:13

Hillsong United in Manila

I am so excited! This is something I really really really want to witness! I have never been to any Christian concert and I pray that this will be my first. I absolutely love Hillsong United. Their songs’ lyrics goes right straight to my heart (makes me cry everytime).

So yes! Hillsong United is coming to the Philippines! Too bad not in my city but hey! at least it’s closer. Mark your calendar for this blessed day that will surely make you love Jesus Christ more – June 13, 2014, 7:30pm at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City.

Ticket Prices:
PATRON = P1,500 (reserved seating)
LOWERBOX = P1,500 (reserved seating)
UPPER A = P1,000 (reserved seating)
UPPER B = P500 (free seating)
GEN AD = P300 (free seating)

Tickets available soon!

TICKET RESERVATION is now available, please call Becca Music Tickets at 910-5524 and 910-5352!

Here’s a sample of their concert to give you a glimpse on how a Christian concert rolls. Hillsong United – Aftermath Live In Miami

About Hillsong United

Hillsong United is committed to creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness, with a mission to write songs that awaken churches and individuals to the fact that we are redeemed and called into the story of God.

With the familiar faces of worship leaders Joel Houston, Jad Gillies, JD and Matthew Crocker, the UNITED team has become an evolving collaboration of pastors, worship leaders, musicians and songwriters, all bound by the common goal of giving voice to a generation who is passionate about God. Their desire is to simply serve God and allow Him to do what only He can do.

I Had a JollyBreak

My full time job online has kept me occupied lately that I am struggling to find time to blog and moreso to go out and have some break. I am not complaining, I am even grateful for what I have now. It’s actually not just the job that’s keeping my hands full, it’s also taking all the responsibility in running my home and trying to workout if not daily, at least as often as I can. The routine that I have put myself into have put me to a level of being “slightly stressed-out”. That’s why I really appreciate event invitations because it gave me the chance to go out. The invitation for a JollyBreak was so right on time as I really really need a little break.

Jollibee serving the Kitkat Mix-ins

We all know that Jollibee is synonymous to Fried Chicken. But one thing I love at Jollibee aside from their spicy fried chicken is their Sundae (I super love their creamy soft vanilla). Oh yes! I have such a sweet tooth! Speaking of sundaes, I especially love Jollibee’s mix-ins! My family was a fan of the milo mix-ins before but too bad, it is no longer available. Thank heavens they have just launched their latest mix-ins offering and to my delight, it’s a yummy twist of the kitkat and the creamy soft vanilla. They blended so perfectly that I fell in love with at first taste! I actually first tried it in Cebu with my friends and was disappointed to know that it wasn’t available in CDO just yet when we came back few weeks ago. When I heard about the invitation for kitkat mix-ins introduction to the bloggers, I was thrilled! Of course I didn’t hesitate to go. It’s a great excuse to unwind and see my friends.

As expected, everyone loved it! If you are looking into taking a break, indulge into Jollibee’s creamy vanilla soft serve and kitkat’s crunchy chocolate goodness in one! I personally love how the crushed kitkat blended well with the creamy soft vanilla! It’s definitely a pleasure to my palette. Head to your nearest Jollibee and grab your Kitkat Mix-ins for only P38.

The CDOBloggers got so excited upon seeing Jollibee!

The WoMom Trusts God’s Will

A random thought of my conviction that I would like to share to everyone.

I am very vocal with my faith and very thankful for everything that I have, even for the things I do not have. As I age, I have experienced so much, from the seemingly eternal bliss to the deepest excruciating pain (so far). There were times that I don’t understand why things have to happen the way they did, there were times I asked God why? Why me? Why are my prayers not answered? In everything painful and hard, I used to ask Why? But later on, as my faith deepens I realized that if I dwell on my WHYs, I will only end up with bitterness because my WHY’s will remind me of my self-entitlement, with the selfish thought that I deserve better things because I am a good person, or because I made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. I needed to recognize that having this faith in God does not set me apart from anyone else. It does not give me immunity from all trials in this life. I know and acknowledge I will have to go through everything this life will throw at me. But that with confidence that I will emerge victorious

I am not sure what the future holds or if I will ever experience deeper pain than what I have experienced. With all the uncertainties, I am comforted with the truth that God will always be with me. That His will will bring me no harm. I therefore trust Him and set myself from worrying.

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