My Ideal Homes By The Lake

I am absolutely in love with the idea of living in a place where I am so close to the nature. I guess wanting to be in a place with utmost peace comes with age :D. While at this point of my life I love everything urban like going out and mingle with friends over coffee or in a bar, shop, and some night outs,if given the chance and the choice, I will definitely choose to settle down and live somewhere quiet and peaceful, away from the busy and noisy city life like those Homes on Lake wylie.

lake house

My ideal home would be, a home by the lake or a lake house as we commonly know it. I just the love the thought of waking up to a serene view of the lake reminding me that amidst life’s craziness, serenity is still possible.

I already perfectly picture THAT lake house I wanted to have. Checking online for options and ideas, I came across Lake wylie Homes, just exactly as I imagined my home would be. By the lake, that’s given already, beautiful and unique architecture of the houses, the presence of wildlife and plants in the area. And of course because I am used to the urban life and lives quite an active lifestyle, amenities such as fitness center, pool (because I love to swim), and a walking trail is a more reason to settle in!

How about you? What’s your ideal place to settle in?

Holiday Party With The CDOBies

Hello to everyone who follows this blog! It’s been a while since my last update and I admit I kind of fell off the blogging wagon lately due to my busy schedule offline plus the holiday season. Well speaking of holiday, I am thrilled to share to you our local blogging community’s Holiday and Thanksgiving Party. 2015 was such an amazing year for me and the entire group so it’s fitting that we end it with a thanksgiving.

The Venue

Boy Zugba CDO

Shoutout to Cagayan de Oro’s very own Boy Zugba for hosting us this year. Boy Zugba is a Filipino-themed grill house in Cagayan de Oro. A perfect place to hangout with friends over great and tasty Pinoy dishes such as the grilled liempo, grilled chicken, barbeque, etc. (photos below). They also serve sizzling dishes, sweets – I love their desserts!, and even pancit! Okay, I am just naming a few and I guarantee you they have a great menu to choose from. One visit is definitely not enough. One thing that made Boy Zugba unique aside from their truly “bisaya” menu, are the funny quotes you can literally find EVERYWHERE! like seriously! It’s funny though, definitely only at Boy Zugba.

I was also surprised that they actually have function rooms that’s available for parties. So whether you wanna eat with your friends, celebrate a birthday with a bigger crowd, or hold a meeting in a comfortable place and over tasty Filipino foods, do check Boy Zugba out! They are located along Corrales Ave. Ramon Chavez St., CDO. I highly recommend following them on Social Media to be updated with their “Pakulo” (because they never run out of it!) Facebook: /boyzugba Twitter: @BoyZugba Instagram: @Boyzugba

grilled boy zugbaEverything grilled in this platter. Tastes super good. For someone like me who loves grilled stuff, this place is already in my list of to-go-to grilled places in CDO.

boyzugba chicken bbq

More Fun

Aside from the good food and the fellowship, we enjoyed the games prepared by our very own fashion blogger Venus.

games 2

games 4

cdobloggers thanksgiving party

Special thanks also to Krispy Kreme #JoyInABox for the generosity and to Jollibee for the GCs we received during the party.

cdobloggers christmas party 2015

cdobloggers wacky

It was a simple but super fun gathering. We are looking forward to a much fun and amazing 2016 with the new set of officers! More power to CDOBloggers!

Four steps to Getting a Good Shave

Getting a close shave has a lot to do with the technique that you employ, and to a certain extent, the equipment you use to shave your face. The best technique can be broken down into four basic steps. The following is a quick explanation of these steps along with the proper shaving materials needed to achieve a good shave.

Choose your blade carefully
Although it is obvious that you need a sharp razor to get a close shave it doesn’t necessarily have to be a straight razor. There are many good blades on the market to choose from, and it is simply a matter of experimenting to find what you experience as the sharpest. If you decide on using a straight razor, you will need to keep in sharpened.

Start with warming up your face
Professional barbers will often use hot towels, but at home you can use hot water, or a hot wash cloth is an even better idea. By getting your face hot, you will soften up your whiskers, making shaving easier. Your blade will cut your facial hair without pulling hard on the roots.

Use a brush to apply the cream or soap
Whether you use shaving cream or an old fashion shaving soap, a shaving brush is an essential part of a good shave. Take a the brush and apply the shaving cream, and then on your hot and wet skin, apply the cream to your face, using a circular motion with the brush. This accomplishes two things. The first is you will be working the cream or soap into a lather that works its way into your skin, creating a slippery surface. The second effect of a brush is to pull your hairs upward so they are ready to be cut. Although you can accomplish the first part with your fingertips, there is no substitute for a brush when preparing your whiskers for shaving.

Clean your blade as you progress
You should shave with short strokes and clean your blade as you go. Even a sharp razor can be compromised with the accumulation of whiskers on its blade. Simply run some water over the blade after each stroke is made.

After you have gathered the right materials, you can take the steps above to get the closest shave possible. Remember, although your shaving technique is the most important part of shaving, you still need to take your time. A good shave is not done quickly.

The Versatile Blogger Award

the versatile blogger

Schedule’s been so crazy lately that much to my desire to update this blog, I wasn’t able to do so. I wanna thank Venus of Emotera Goddess for The Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) nomination. You got my ass up and write girl! hahaha! Well, I have been nominated for more than a week now but just got the time to get on to this post and participate in this amazing and fabulous loop of blogger nomination. So without further ado, let’s get this started!

7 Random Facts About Me

  • I gave up the corporate life to work from home as I wanted to focus on taking good care of my boys and my health too.
  • I love Fitness! In fact I think I am addicted to it! I workout 5x a week and I love to lift weights. I love to challenge my body and push it to its limit. I aim to motivate and to inspire.
  • Black and Blue, I seem to have obsession with these colors. Most of my wardrobe consists of these two shades. Slowly getting out of that comfort zone and explore other shades. It’s weird though because I love pink! Must be the excess weight way back. :D :D
  • Hard to make me cry with sentimental movies, unless it involves children. But if it’s just pure drama, nah! I prefer to watch romcom movies though or anything light.
  • I love Fashion, I love to dress up, experiment but not that bold and way too out of my comfort zone. I’m more of the girly & dressy type of fashion. Though I’d probably should go out of my comfort zone too! Fashion wise!
  • I love to sing. Though I’m not really good at it. I just sing. It often soothes my nerves.
  • I love milktea and pizza! You now see the need for me to workout, right?! With my current regimen, I can get milktea at least ones or twice a week and the pizza, on my cheat days.


My Versatile Blogger Award (TVBA) Nominees:

Jacqs of Jenjacqs
Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online
Sigrid of Sigrid Says
Karen of Mommy Kayce
Phebie of Loves Haven
Cookie of Cookies Corner
Sana of Sanasanz

About the Versatile Blogger Award

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to the blog.
2. Select 15 blogs you have recently discovered and nominate them.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

3 Simple Yet Truly Effective Home Energy Saving Tips That You Must Know

Are you tired of paying high electricity or energy bills? Have you ever thought of doing something to somewhat lower your energy consumption so you can save some money? If yes, you must read this!

Here are 5 basic tips that can effectively help you lower your energy bills. These are proven effective tips in conserving energy.

home energy saving tips

Change Your Light Bulbs

There are lots of light bulbs out there that eat up little energy. Those light bulbs are proven to consume lesser electricity compared to the old ones that our parents use during their days. If you are living in an old house with old lighting fixtures, consider replacing them with the energy efficient bulbs. Aside from lowering your energy consumption, it can also drastically improve your home’s overall look.

Unplug Those Unused Appliances

Any appliance that is turned off but left plugged in still consumes energy. Imagine if all of your appliances are left plugged in and you go out of town for a week or so? Even you turned them all off before leaving, they still consume a good chunk of energy. This is why it’s pretty important to make it a habit to unplug those unused appliances. Try this and for sure you will notice a big difference at your next energy bill.

Use Energy Efficient Appliance

If you are going to buy new appliances, better buy the ones that promises low energy consumption. This is much more practical if you are moving to a new house with new appliances in mind. Look for those energy efficient labels or proofs that are usually attached with them. Although they might come in a bit costly compared to appliances, it can save you a good amount of money in the long run.

Always remember that whenever you conserve energy, you also saved a good amount of money. There’s no reason for you not to follow or try the above said tips.

For more of this kind of tips and advice, you can visit this blog.

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