Back To Besigan: CDOBloggers Reaches Out

It was December of 2011 before typhoon Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro when the blogging community/organization where I am a part of made an almost 3-hour arduous journey to  Sitio 14 Besigan – Cadayunan Elementarty School for an Outreach Program.


Besigan is Cagayan de Oro’s farthest Barangay and it can be reached via dump truck, motorcycle or habal-habal (the teachers said they go there via motorcycle) and probably rides that can endure a very rough and uphill trail for almost three hours. Though the journey was not the easiest, it was all worth it. Our hearts melted when we saw the kids of two classrooms excitedly welcome our group and eagerly opened the presents we have brought for them (books, bags etc.). The little snacks we prepared for them (Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Bread and Juice), definitely brought joy to the kids. It was truly the most rewarding Outreach program that I have been to. Because we saw that these kids need more help, we vowed to come back before Christmas but the typhoon’s aftermath didn’t allow us to do that.

cdobloggers besigan outreach]This year however, after series of communication to one of the teachers from Cadayunan Elementary School, we are finally going back to Besigan! Oh yes and I am so excited to take that journey (3 hrs long rough ride via a dumptruck) again!

cadayunan-outreach-4During our first visit. We are excited to see them again

CDOBloggers have been so blessed this year and we are paying it forward by helping the pupils from Cadayunan Elementary School with their immediate needs. This will be our early Christmas present to them and we are inviting you to be a part of this outreach again by supporting us financially or in kind. In case you are interested to be a blessing to these children (80), here are their needs according to the teacher.

  • School supplies (pencils, papers, notebooks, pens, crayons etc.)
  • Slippers

This was during our visit way back 2011 – it’s pouring outside!

To support CDOBloggers, you may visit this LINK to know how you can best help. As for me and the rest of the organization’s members, we are doing everything we can to give the kids and their families the best Christmas gifts ever!

Social Media and Blog Workshop Invitation

I have been blogging for seven years now but it was only two years ago that I decided to “engage”. By saying engage, I meant blogging regularly and creating Social Media accounts for the blogs that I owned and really get into it. I am a Work at Home Mom or WAHM as we commonly term it and I have been asked by a lot, and I mean a LOT of people how I did it, what I do, where to apply and all those sort of questions. Frankly speaking, sometimes it frustrates me because I felt like my answer is confusing them some more. And quite often, when they find out that I am a blogger, they’d automatically assume that it is my job, leading to more questions about it. Well, I am a blogger but it is not one of my job description — that is in the current job that I am holding.

BUT! This, I have to tell you dear friends and readers, being a blogger opened me to a lot of opportunities and knowledge. I have nothing but great benefits from it. I have learned a lot from it, from the technical side of it (WordPress, setup etc) to the marketing part — I am not the guru, but I have to say that the things I learned from being a blogger gained me more confidence in seeking for opportunities to work online. So if you’re going to ask me if Blogging is worth your time, or if it will help you land a job online, I’d say YES! definitely! With that said, I am encouraging you to join a blogging workshop if you want to start a journey in blogging and who knows, this might open opportunities for you online too!

cdobloggers blogging workshop

Thanks to CDOBloggers for ensuring that they share their knowledge to those who want to learn. If you’re looking into having the basic knowledge on Blogging and how to maximize it with Social Media, do join the workshop (see poster above) as it is open to everyone. So whether you’re a stay at home Mom, working mom, a student or a business owner, I encourage you to join! The Blog and Social Media workshop will be held at Jia Cha Cafe located inside the Divisoria Arcade on November 29 (Saturday) from 2PM-5PM. If interested, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER as soon as you read this because slots is limited. P200 will be collected at the venue to cover the snacks and certificate. I really really hope to see you there!

I Got Lucky With Globe

One thing why I never regret sticking to Globe as my phoneline and Internet provider is their appreciation to the people who helped them to be on top of their game.

Yesterday, Globe made their media friends from both prints and blogging community feel so special and appreciated through the Media Appreciation Party at one of CDO’s prime hotels – Seda Hotel at Centrio. It’s an annual thing that they do for their media partners (except for last year because of much bigger social responsibility – reaching out to the victims/survivors of the super typhoon Yolanda).The party was short but sweet! Full of fun because everyone from all media outfit where super game!



It was definitely good to see familiar faces from other media outfits and of course my beloved cdobloggers family. Everyone were pretty excited especially when the good looking host announced that there will be minor and major raffle prizes to be drawn in the course of the short program. Excited probably is an understatement to how we all feel and with so much anticipation. Imagine Samsung Galaxy S5 as a major prize!


Prepaid cards, pretty cdoblogger mommies who also won the minor raffle and the Samsung Duos2 Phone!

One of the group games (per table) was to collate all the items on the list given to each team. Because our group were quite “resourceful” we won! Big thanks to Mr. Google! We each got 3-100 globe prepaid cards each and some sweet chocolates.

I was also lucky to be among the 10 winners of the minor prizes, where we get to pick a gift. Who wouldn’t go for big gifts?! lucky me there’s still one big gift left when my name was called. Though I was excited, I didn’t open the “mysterious gift” until this morning and because my youngest son was more excited that I was, I let him open it. And guess what? It’s a Kyowa Coffee Maker! I was delightfully surprised as I didn’t expected it. I have been planning to buy one and I couldn’t thank God enough for using Globe in granting this mommy’s little wish.


Then came the major raffle where everyone was hoping their names will be called. I was particularly eyeing on the iPad mini but didn’t really put my hopes high because I am not the luckiest person with raffle draws  – and besides I already won some minor prizes so I am settled. But then the saying “When it rains it pours” proved to be true for me that time because my name was called for the third minor prize! So I got myself not an iPad mini but a new Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2. My son will have his early Christmas present! Thank you Globe! Another CDOBlogger and sister in Christ got the iPad Mini. Congratulations Mommy Karen!


No one left the party empty-handed because Globe made sure we have these goodies after the party. It was truly a blessed and fun day! Thank you so much Globe for your never-failing appreciation and for always taking good care of your media friends. Until the next party!



Oven Grilled Chix

Well it’s wednesday and I’m feeling a bit under the weather (still!) But a bit better compared to the past 4 days. Thankfully I just work from home so I don’t stress myself out in going to an office somewhere to work! My boss is such a blessing!

So okay, it’s a usual day for me plus the not so good health. Since I have no househelp (my choice), I have to do things by myself. I can get away with the dishes and the rice cooking since my boys can already do them but the dish for every meal is on me! Well occasionally the husband volunteers to cook. I prepared my simple oven toaster grilled chicken since it’s pretty much easy to prepare, just perfect to prepare by someone who doesn’t have much energy to move around.


Grilled Chicken Recipe

2 pieces chicken thigh

2 tsp. Oyster Sauce
1 tsp. Brown sugar
2 tsp. Soy sauce
1/4 cup pineapple syrup (optional)
Black pepper
1 medium sized Red onion
2 cloves garlic


1. Mix marinade ingredients altogether.
2. Dip chicken and marinade for at least 30-minutes to an hour.
3. When chicken is ready, grease baking pan with a little olive oil and place the chicken. Drizzle chicken with a teaspoon of olive oil. Pour some of the marinade to the baking pan.
4. Set oven to 240 degrees and cook for 45 minutes.
5. Serve hot!

Holiday Monday

I love holidays because that would mean an opportunity to wake up late, tidy the house, just rest and spend time with family. Today is eid-mubarak (end of ramadan) and is declared as a regular holiday so kids and I don’t have to wake up early (thank God! Because I am still not feeling well — I had fever since Friday and my cough worsened today to the extent of having a hoarse voice).

So anyway, my boys are particularly excited for today’s holiday because they planned to play badminton since my eldest will be playing badminton in their school’s intramurals. I planned to just stay home and rest but as always the mother in me kicks in so I went with them to watch them play and errrrr.. give them some expert’s tips (coughs) ^-^.

badminton 2 badminton

I personally missed playing badminton and wanted to play but my health is getting in the way (booòooo!!).. Yeah I had fever since last saturday and I am determined to take it easy today and rest. Anyway, here are some photos from today’s game with one of my boys’ young spiritual mentors and lunch with daddy after the game.

badminton buddies
Steven, NJ and Edward making the most of their one day off from school (College, HS & Elem)

badminton buddies 2

Thirsty after the game! These boys are not done yet!

badminton familyour Twofies! Before and after the game. The lunch sponsor whose office is nearby came to the rescue! ^-^

badminton buddies 4

Buddies! They are not done yet. They went somewhere else after our lunch as they have plans of playing some more later (badminton or soccer). Better than computer games!

Yes! They are definitely not done yet. As I am writing this while I am here at Globe Centrio (waiiiitinggg! Honestly I hate waiting this long!), my boys and Steven went to their Bible study leader/mentor to hang out while still trying to figure out where to go next. Oh! My boys are all grown up! I am just thankful though that the ones they go with are of good influence :) ^-^ ☺☺.

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