Dahilayan Kids Adventure

Helllloooo! Oh geezz! it’s been ages since I last posted here (sadness!). I miss writing here that it feels like I am going back to my hometown as I write this loooongg overdue part 2 entry of our Dahilayan escapade!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a blast and it was an amazing moment to just bond with the family leaving all the worries and workloads behind. I am super excited to share photos of us having fun — THAT excited that I won’t be saying much for now, I’ll let the pictures do the entertaining part.

dahilayan adventure 1Our youngest loving the view so much that he gamely posed for a photo – turista pose!

dahilayan rope course  2They wanted to do the longest zipline but too bad they weren’t allowed yet so we settled for the Ropes course. I’m glad they had so much fun doing it. Kuya’s nerve got into him on the second obstacle but with the super stage parents’ insistence, he was able to overcome the fear and completed the course — behind his younger brother. :P :P …  YES! our youngest is the daredevil (in an adventurous-clean way)

Dahilayan rope courseI was seriously nervous for them when they took the second level course. I wanted them to end the course at level one, but of course, they are boys and they adventurous, who cares about mommy freaking out! LOL!

dahilayan adventure 2Us, just enjoying the view before retiring to our cottage.

dahilayan adventure 4

dahilayan adventure 5

dahilayan adventure

dahilayan adventure 6The buggy ride with Jhed and Daddy. Me and husband were supposed to do this together but due to the weight limit (**coughs**), one of us had to give in and take our youngest son instead. The buggy ride is only limited to a total weight of 120kls because of the slopes it will have to go through during the ride. Since rex was super excited to try the ride, I gave way so he can enjoy it with our son Jhed. I guess the picture can quite say how much they loved their little racer moment!

dahilayan adventure 7

Thumbs up boys!!

Families, Outing and More Fun

One of the most amazing blessing I am so thankful to God is my friendship with people who honors and puts Him first before everything else. People who inspire me to continue my walk with God and friends who assures me I have a family in them.

In CCF (the church where our family go to worship), we have this Discipleship Group (D-group) where we meet regularly (well almost regularly) to study the word of God and encourage one another. And I am glad that I found a group where I could fit in. Though I have to admit that we are not as consistent in joining the meetings, I truly appreciate their love and understanding.

Last June, before the school year officially started, we had the opportunity to fellowship and have fun together with the rest of Pastor Allan’s D12 and their respective D-group in Dahilayan Gardens. It was our first time as a family and the kids were just as excited upon knowing that we are going with the rest of the group.

The pictures below should spell all the fun and excitement!

Doc. Allan Melicor’s DGroup – not all of it since there were other groups who were not able to join due to already scheduled commitments.

Here we are! The Young Couples Group after all the games and our ahhhmaazing group cheer! lol! (Oh geez! good thing no video was taken to prove how amazing the cheer was for Team Michael and Friends!) and before we settle to our rooms and spend the rest of the night in this cold and beautiful place. (L-R) Team Tuyan, Team Cortez, Team Galamiton and Team Aquino (we miss you Team Alado, Team Rodano and Team Matulac). By the ages of our kids, you’d know who went ahead first! :P

So anyway, the Family Day was dubbed as “Rumble and Tumble” and from that we can already tell that it’s going to be an energy buster! And behold! as expected everyone’s energy were all drained at the end of the program as each D-Group prepared a game — games that requires running, jumping, agility and all that can possibly suck ones exuberance.

This is the most relaxed game the group did :). Too bad I didn’t bring any camera so I was not able to capture the rest of the action!

The boys who were exhausted after all the games (Jeedo not in the picture).

My boys relaxing and enjoying Dahilayan Garden’s beautiful view.

We concluded the night with a bonfire. Everyone were just being kids!

Look! Lukee is so serious grilling the mallows? lol! Just cute!

The next day, we explored the place as the kids were excited to try the adventures Dahilayan is instore for them. Since our boys are way older than the rest of the group’s kids, we went ahead to the adventure park so they get to experience some adrenaline rush. I’ll share about their experience in a separate post real soon!

The gathering was truly a blessing. It allowed us to have a little break from the busy lives we have and spend quality time with each of our families. That also reminded us of God’s awesomeness! His creations are truly a gift and we will forever be grateful. I can’t wait for the next Family Day!

CDOBloggers Celebrate Social Media Day

I have been with the CDOBloggers for years now and I have seen how the Social Media evolved and how it changed the way of people’s lives in terms of both personal and business. For some, it became a blessing while to some Social Media became an instant destruction, an anti-productivity sort of thing.

I made this image for the Social Media Day

Well anyway, Social Media Day was coined by Mashable – a British-American social media blog. As read in Mashable’s page – “Social Media Day is an annual global event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.” This year is the third year of the Social Media Day celebration. In Cagayan de Oro, the CDOBloggers joined the world in celebrating. Thanks to Irene of Mindanaoan (CDOBloggers VP for External Affairs) for working so hard to make the event possible.

Thank you Krispy Kreme for always partnering with the CDOBloggers

The group during the Social Media Day. GBG Business Group volunteers, CDOBloggers and a representative from the City Hall. Thank you Junno DeliCafefor hosting us and for the yummy foods and drinks!


A Celebrity Kind of Day

Hello blog! I have missed you! I have been itching to write/update since forever but I just couldn’t find the time to squeeze in blogging. Sometimes I feel like I am procrastinating too much causing me to be very unproductive in most days – well except for completing my daily 8-hour work. I seriously need to get my act together and start to use my time wisely.

Well anyway, as I’ve said it’s been a while and a lot have been going on with me and everything/everyone around me (if only I can share all of them all at ones!). For one is the unexpected meeting and chatting with celebrities. I confess that I used to get so starstruck with celebrities but since I become a born again Christian, I became less obsessed in rubbing elbows with the famous ones. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t get honored when given the opportunity to rub elbows with them.

So last week I had the unexpected opportunity to get to know 2 of this country’s known celebrities and Fashion icons up close. It all started with twitter – it’s really amazing how Social Media can make things very possible, like meeting people you never thought you’d meet in any possible way. A big thanks also to my friend Mindanaoan who is a big instrument in making the hobnobbing with Divine Lee and Tim Yap possible.

Divine Lee hosting the Style Origin / Style Icons with Tim Yap at Ayala Centrio CDO

Actually me and Mindanaoan were just chatting on facebook and giggling over silly things when she brought up the idea of meeting Divine Lee since she is coming to town for a show with Tim Yap and doll-like model Allison Harvard. Since she’s friends with Divine, she mentioned the possibility of meeting her personally during and after the show. Of course I was thrilled because I have been following Divine Lee and Tim Yap on twitter and I’m a big fan of Divine’s blog. And yes, I followed Allison Harvard on ANTM cycle 12. Then the tweeting started! Divine Lee is so active on twitter that you won’t ever regret following her and tweeting her because she definitely responds! Probably not the whole time but I really see the effort of re-tweeting and replying to all those tweets and Instagram posts.

So yes we watched the Style Icon featuring of course Fashion Icon, celebrity host and businessman Tim Yap, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 runner up Allison Harvard and Fashion Icon, host, commercial model and celebrity blogger Divine Lee. I was amazed at how Kagay-anons responded to these three fashion icons. I therefore safely conclude Kagay-anons are certified into fashion!

My highlight for that day was the chitchat with Divine Lee for HOURS! Take note, not just the usual hi, hello and goodbye thingy usually celebrities do. Divine Lee was so nice and down to earth that she actually spent hours chatting with us over great wine at the hotel restaurant where they stayed. She definitely is a talker! That I meant in a good way. It wasn’t just a superficial conversation but we actually talked about the city and the Sendong survivors’ recovery few years after the catastrophe. She is interested because she was active doing her own efforts to help when the calamity struck CDO and Iligan. She helped with our group’s relief efforts and actually personally went to Iligan with some celebrity friends for their personal relief operations as well.

She is the nicest and she is super sweet. She values her fans (fierces) and sees to it that she gets to know them.

We got even luckier when her bestfriend Tim Yap decided to join us. Like Divine, he is a talker (no wonder why they make such a great job being hosts). Despite the long travel (From Zurich to CDO – imagine that!), he showed no trace of jet lag or exhaustion. I wonder where he gets all his energy! For a moment there, I totally forgot they were celebrities. We were just in one long table, chatting and laughing our hearts out. We had to call it a night almost around 2AM because they still have an early flight to catch. I super appreciate them because while other celebrities may have opted to use their time to rest, they spent theirs with us. To both Tim Yap and Divine Lee, you are both amazing people and I felt so blessed to have met you personally. I hope to see you both again soon!

Friends, you may follow both Divine Lee and Tim Yap on Twitter to get more updates from them.

The wonderful chit chat with these two amazing celebrities. We are so lucky!

At 2AM! A pose before calling it a night. Thank you Tim Yap and Divine Lee

And oh! If you guys are wondering where Allison Harvard might have been? Well she wasn’t feeling well so she had to rest after the show. Too bad, we didn’t get the chance to meet her too, but hey! There’s always a next time!

Cheers to great time and amazingly nice celebrities!

What Students Really Need to Hear

I am reblogging this from AffectiveLiving. I hope this will remind students of the real deal why they are in school at the same time inspire teachers to be more than academic teachers. Don’t miss out on the main event!

What Students Really Need to Hear

It’s 4 a.m. I’ve struggled for the last hour to go to sleep. But, I can’t. Yet again, I am tossing and turning, unable to shut down my brain. Why? Because I am stressed about my students. Really stressed. I’m so stressed that I can only think to write down what I really want to say — the real truth I’ve been needing to say — and vow to myself that I will let my students hear what I really think tomorrow.

This is what students really need to hear:

First, you need to know right now that I care about you. In fact, I care about you more than you may care about yourself. And I care not just about your grades or your test scores, but about you as a person. And, because I care, I need to be honest with you. Do I have permission to be honest with you — both in what I say and how I say it?

Here’s the thing: I lose sleep because of you. Every week.

Before I tell you why, you should understand the truth about school. You see, the main event of school is not academic learning. It never has been. It never will be. And, if you find someone who is passionate in claiming that it is about academics, that person is lying to himself or herself and may genuinely believe that lie. Yes, algebra, essay writing, Spanish, the judicial process — all are important and worth knowing. But they are not the MAIN event.

The main event is learning how to deal with the harshness of life when it gets difficult — how to overcome problems as simple as a forgotten locker combination, to obnoxious peers, to gossip, to people doubting you, to asking for help in the face of self-doubt, to pushing yourself to concentrate when a million other thoughts and temptations are fingertips away.

It is your resilience in conquering the main event — adversity — that truly prepares you for life after school. Because, mark my words, school is not the most challenging time you will have in life. You will face far greater challenges than these. Sure, you will have times more amazing than you can imagine, but you will also confront incomparable tragedy, frustration, and fear in the years to come.

But, you shouldn’t be worried about the fact that you will face great adversities. You should be worried because you’re setting yourself up to fail at overcoming them. Here’s the real reason I lose hours of sleep worrying about you: You are failing the main event of school. You are quitting. You may not think you are quitting, but you are because quitting wears many masks.

For some, you quit by throwing the day away and not even trying to write a sentence or a fraction because you think it doesn’t matter or you can’t or there’s no point. But it does. What you write is not the main event. The fact that you do take charge of our own fear and doubt in order to write when you are challenged — THAT is the main event.

Some of you quit by skipping class on your free education. Being punctual to fit the mold of the classroom is not the main event of showing up. The main event is delaying your temptation and investing in your own intelligence — understanding that sometimes short-term pain creates long-term gain and that great people make sacrifices for a greater good.

For others, you quit by being rude and disrespectful to adults in the hallway who ask you to come to class. Bowing to authority is not the main event. The main event is learning how to problem solve maturely, not letting your judgement be tainted by the stains of emotion.

I see some of you quit by choosing not to take opportunities to work harder and pass a class, no matter how far down you are. The main event is not getting a number to tell you you are worthy. The main event is pulling your crap together and making hard choices and sacrifices when things seem impossible. It is finding hope in the hopeless, courage in the chasm, guts in the grave.

What you need to see is that every time you take the easy way out, you are building a habit of quitting. And it will destroy your future and it will annihilate your happiness if you let it. Our society cares nothing for quitters. Life will let you die alone, depressed, and poor if you can’t man or woman up enough to deal with hardship. You are either the muscle or the dirt. You either take resistance and grow stronger or blow in the wind and erode.

As long as you are in my life, I am not going to let quitting be easy for you. I am going to challenge you, confront you, push you, and coach you. You can whine. You can throw a tantrum. You can shout and swear and stomp and cry. And the next day, guess what? I will be here waiting — smiling and patient — to give you a fresh start. Because you are worth it.

So, do yourself a favor: Man up. Woman up. No more excuses. No more justifications. No blaming. No quitting. Just pick your head up. Rip the cords out of your ears. Grab the frickin’ pencil and let’s do this.

– C. Mielke

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