Me and my family have been going to CCF CDO for sometime now and I am thankful that through it I got closer to my creator. My relationship with God have grown so much since I started worshipping at CCF and associated myself with Christian friends. I really feel at home whenever I am at CCF and I thank God for bringing me in there. I know it wasn’t just my feet, it was His will. One of the beautiful things I love with CCF is the molding of the kids to become Christians too. While the adults worship, kids have their own place for their Sunday School. My 10 years old knows where to go everytime we arrive at the church and I am just as delighted as him because I know everytime he walks out from that door, there’s new learning from the bible he brings with him. I thank God for the Sunday School teachers who are religiously attending to the kids. Oftentimes we think they are just plain Sunday School teachers or some play teachers who watches the kids while the parents are attending the service. but mind you! these people are playing the role of a lifeshaper.

Lifeshaper, tough word isn’t it? They basically shephered and disciple kids to be closer to God through Bible lessons, discussions, sharing with its life application and gives feedback to the parents on their kids’ behavior – all FOR FREE! Now, kids population is growing (that’s a good problem!) and the church is running out of committed individuals to teach and disciple the kids. So when CCF called for volunteers to teach Sunday School and become a lifeshaper, I wanted to sign up right away but waited for a while because I wasn’t sure if it’s something I am capable of. I have been a leader but a teacher? to kids? to be disciple children? Those are questions that brought about the hesitation. I know schedule wise I won’t have much problem since I am working from home but the heart and fear were there at the same time. God knows I have been thinking of signing up and sees my heart. 5 days before the training, He brought me to the registration booth. No more backing-up now!

The training turned out to be very interesting and fun! Delegates from Tacloban, Dipolog, Malaybalay, Valencia, Manolo and Iligan joined the CDO group. Thanks to the awesome Kids Church teachers from CCF manila (Teachers Ruth, Bobbie, JC, Julius and Aia) for introducing to us Kids Church and its concept. It’s literally providing kids their own place to worship since they have their own ways to worship God. I felt so blessed to be one of those participants who eagerly took in the information, teaching tips and ways wholeheartedly.

The Teachers from CCF Manila

The volunteers grooving to the tune of “Every Move I Make” and “Friend of God” – kids songs!

So what else does LifeShaper do? Well, they are helping the parents mold their kids to become better kids and Christians in a way they can relate. They help shape the kids life literally as they have interactions with them and instill to them the word of God. Some kids, believe it or not have concerns they cannot share to their parents but are comfortable enough to share it to their Sunday school teachers (and mind you, some are serious issues). They are basically the kids Christian coaches. At one point, it got me thinking, “can I do that? Am I even qualified to disciple children?” … Well, I am a mother myself so I know whether I like it or not, I have to do it. I trust that God is there to help me as I walk into this new path I am trying to follow. I know God will sustain me. To God be the glory!

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  1. Your experience is indeed a life changing twist and it is not just an ordinary one buy for sure a ling long memories to remember not only to you but for your family as well.

    • Christ Commission Fellowship sis. It’s where we go (church) to worship :). Indeed, it was a great experience and will be using it often for the kids..all for the glory of God 🙂

  2. @SAHM Writes – thanks mommy! I pray that your church’s sunday school classroom will be fixed na rin 🙂

    @Lessons of A Dad – definitely an awesome year! With your leadership of course! God will make a way to sustain us all 😛

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