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Random : Music Afternoon With My Dude

One of the things that me and eldest son go along so well apart from sport and being crazy is music! He loves to play the guitar, we both though but unfortunately the guitar doesn’t seem to love me that much. While sharing the current music we both plan to cover, he was checking out his electric guitar and then he was talking “alien” to me that I actually had to research about it.

Talked about production guitars that have either the Sustainer or Sustainiac pickup installed. Errrr….earth on me! What is that? I had to actually google it out to be able to relate. Lol! Well, one thing for sure it’s a bit pricey. We are looking for our option up until this moment so if you guys have any idea or suggestions, please help us through the comment section.

How To Entertain A Crowd

Have you volunteered to host a large crow over the holidays? This either has you excited or paralyzed with stress. If you’re a novice host, follow these recommendations from the experts and your event will go off without a hitch. Take a deep breath and let the planning begin.  The key to success is advance planning. This will allow you to enjoy your guests as the function and be as relaxed as possible. Let’s get to it!

The simplest way to entertain a crowd for dinner is by serving buffet style. Generally the dining room table is best suited for the buffet. Assemble a centerpiece using fresh greenery from the garden. This can truly be a showstopper. Enlist a friend if you’re not confident. Stack dinner plates at opposite ends of the buffet to allow guests to serve themselves from either side. Roll silverware in napkins and have available next to the plates.

Decide on your menu. As guest will possibly be juggling a plate and possibly a drink, avoid foods with heavy sauces. Avoid experimenting on new dishes for the event unless you’re an accomplished cook. The easier the food preparation the better. Try to make dishes that can be prepared as far in advance as possible. Identify serving dishes and have ready in the kitchen. Set up a drink station or bar in an area away from the main buffet to accommodate the flow of your guests.

Finally, take the time to get yourself ready for the event. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and make an appointment for eyelash extensions. Select an outfit and allow yourself ample time to relax and get dressed. Remember, the most important item to wear to the event is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. You’ve got this!

How to Rectify Blurry and Out of Focus Photos

Do you know why some of the photos that you snap may turn out blurry? At times it could be because the image was out of focus, or it may be caused by some movement of an object in the frame, or the camera itself. The good news is that blurry photos can be corrected – but you will need to be able to edit them in order to do so.


While you may not know how to make a blurry picture clear by editing it – the process is simple enough using Movavi Photo Editor. All that you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Browse for Images’ and select the photo that you want to fix.
  2. Open up the ‘Adjust’ tab.
  3. Find the ‘Sharpness’ slider and move it so that the blurry areas start to become more clear.
  4. When you’re satisfied, click ‘Export’ to save the photo.

Along with adjusting the sharpness, Movavi Photo Editor will also allow you to manipulate the other color settings such as the brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, and so on. All of these settings are handily located in the same tab and by adjusting them you could help make your photos look clearer and more vivid as well.

For the best results however you should take a few minutes to try out the other features in Movavi Photo Editor and explore them fully. With the assistance of these features you can improve the photo quality automatically with a single click, apply artistic filters that alter the visual style of your photos, transform the frame and orientation, remove unwanted objects that are in the way, insert personalized text fields as captions, and even switch the entire background to a new image.

Because of the user-friendly nature of Movavi Photo Editor you won’t need any special skills to take advantage of these features. Once you start to apply these features you will be able to not only rectify blurry images, but also make sure that your photos look a lot better in other regards too.

Smart brings together the Eraserheads to go all out for a new, complete prepaid offer

Old school will always be cool. The comeback of trends from the 90’s —Pokémon, brown lipstick and Doc Martens boots — only shows it was the best era ever. It was also the golden age of Pinoy rock music.

And when you say Pinoy rock, the first band that comes to mind is the Eraserheads. Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raymund Marasigan, and Buddy Zabala are the four men behind the Eraserheads, one of the most important bands in the history of Pinoy rock music.


The last time the Eraserheads performed together on one stage was in 2009. Recently, Smart was able to bring them back together for a special private performance.

Individually, Ely, Marcus, Raymund, and Buddy are talented artists but together as the Eraserheads, they are legendary. Their time apart has only served to hone their talents and personalities. Other artists can perform Eraserheads songs well but no one can do “Magasin,” “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” Ligaya,” and “Pare Ko” like the original.


And as they say, “iba talaga ‘pag kumpleto.” Whether it is entertainment or anything else, people look for the whole package. In the same way, Smart’s prepaid call and text bundles are awesome, and its surf bundles equally so. But if you combine call, text and mobile internet, you have the most comprehensive prepaid deal ever.

On August 19, the telco launches ALLOUTSURF 30, the first complete data, call and text, offer in the market. For Php 30, prepaid subscribers get 2 days of 300MB data with free access to Facebook, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30 minutes calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

There is more.
eraserheads 2

“The All Out Surf campaign, like the Eraserheads’ performances, will show how being complete is always the best thing, whether it refers to a band or a promo. Seeing them together brings back so many memories and shows the power of being complete,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Mobile Business Head.

“Never miss out on anything that you’re passionate about, whether it’s your family members’ and friends’ posts on Facebook or browsing your favorite new websites. ALLOUTSURF 30 makes sure you’re connected when you need to be and don’t miss out on anything important,” she added.

Now, there’s no need to choose between call, text, and mobile data. You can have it all with ALLOUTSURF 30, the first promo offer to give subscribers what they want and need.

If you’ve just booked an Uber ride home and you need to call or text your driver, no problem. You can also check your email messages and social messaging apps. Information is just a click or a swipe away with ALLOUTSURF 30.

“Smart’s nationwide network makes sure you can keep in touch via call & text, and access the Internet for the things that matter like emails and online messages,” said Carag.

ALLOUTSURF 30 was created for today’s active digital users — from the student on a budget who always has to choose between two promos, or the young professional who always relies on Wi-Fi, to the grandma who loves to play Candy Crush and needs Facebook for “lives.”

For more information about ALLOUTSURF 30 and other promos, go to To avail, text ALLOUT30 to 9999.

Smart Bro’s Hottest Deal this Summer – 4G Pocket Wifi 888

For someone like me who is working online, Internet downtime is a big No No. As much as possible I always ensure that my connection is 100% working all the time. And then, enter the moving/relocating dilemma! My first worry is my Internet connection! One of the #HardtoGets things in this country is the speedy transfer of your broadband connection because you have to go through a lot of processes and protocols to get the job done and get your account and physical connection transferred to your new location! PLUS! the uncertainty of the connectivity’s availability in your new area. The thought of it is stressing me out! like seriously! I cannot miss days of work just because I moved to a new home!

smart bro 888 pocket wifi

THEN! I head about SMART’s launching of its hottest deal this summer: the #SmartBro888 where its 4G Pocket Wi-Fi is now at a very affordable price! For only 888 pesos, I am ensured of a reliable Internet connection anytime and anywhere! Imagine, I can enjoy up to 12mbps of Internet speed and I don’t have to spend much on my initial purchase because it is preloaded with 150MB valid for 30 days! The fact that it can share up to 10 connections is also a relief since my boys needs to connect as well.

If like me, you are poised to get yourself this SmartBro 4G Pocket Wifi, it is best to pair it with SurfMax 85 – All day surfing up to 800MB/day, valid for 2 days. All you have to do is Subscribe to Surfmax85 via Smart Online Store:

I can now take my Internet connection out of my relocating worry list since #SmartBro888 4G Pocket Wifi will have it covered. Go get your own 4G Pocket WIFI for only P888 via Smart Online Store: only until June 30, 2016.

Not convinced yet? Well, here’s why you should go ahead and avail it (these sealed the deal for me)!

WiFi for sharing. Let’s you share internet connection with family and friends so you can all surf together.
Multi-gadget connection. With SMART 4G Pocket WiFi, I can now connect my smartphone and laptop altogether. Nothing to fret since the gadget can connect up to 10 devices.
Mobility. The device comes in handy which would enable me to stay connected anytime, anywhere (and you can, too!)
Powered by the largest broadband connection. Wherever I may be, I am assured that I can enjoy, and so are you, an ultra-fast speed powered by multiple sites throughout the country.