It’s election time ones again for Philippines. A time where every citizen legible to vote gets the chance to choose who to bring to the Senate and the local government office. I have never been so keen in selecting the candidates to vote for until today. This is basically my third time to vote discounting that of the local SK elections and I say, this year by far is the most exciting and interesting for me as a voter as I am privileged to meet some politicians running for the Senate and the Local Government. The opportunity will surely help me decide who to vote. This will be a start of me voting responsibly. By saying responsibly, I mean carefully studying and observing every possible candidate who will make it to my ballot. I am just glad that as a blogger I get the chance to ask, listen and interact with those politicians running for local and national post.

Last week, this womom was invited to attend the press conference of re-electionist Sen. Francisco “Chiz” Escudero and Ms. Grace Poe Llamanzares as a blogger alongwith some blogger friends and people from the traditional media (prints, radio and tv). This is the 3rd time I met Sir Chiz Escudero and my first time to meet and greet Ms. Grace Poe. I didn’t get the chance to ask questions as they were swarmed with questions from the media before I even opened my mouth to ask. They got me covered anyways. It was one interesting discussion!

During the press conference Sir Chiz answered questions about:

    1. His stand on the Sabah issue

  1. The alleged illegal posting of posters notice from COMELEC. Both Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero’s response HERE.
  2. Team Patay vs. Team Buhay poster posted by the Diocese of Bacolod– “sana wag nilang gamitin ang sutana para mangampanya pabor o kontra sa sinumang kandidato”

4. Political Dynasty – Sen. Chiz is not in favor of Political Dynasty. He stressed out that he will not engage/participate in debates regarding this but will definitely vote against it should there will be a need to do so.

5. the legalizing of 5-6
6. privatization of regional hospitals – he shared that he put 2Million for regional hospital of Cagayan de Oro and said if only all 24 Senators put in the same amount of budget for the regional hospital, there will be no need to privatize it. He said he is urging other senators to put budget to this kind of projects and development.

7. On Oil Price & Tuition Fee Hikes

8. His stand on the MOAAD and Bangsamoro – MOAAD is different from framework agreement. Sen. Chiz is one among those who support the Framework Agreement but against the MOAAD.

Ms. Grace Poe on the other hand answered the questions below:

    1. Her using the name of her late father Fernando Poe Jr. who previously ran for Presidency and lost to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – check her response HERE.
    2. Her stand on the Divorce Bill – she is against Divorce Bill. She suggested to strengthen the annulment the Philippines already have and make it more affordable instead.
    3. Thoughts on education and job opportunities – “Maraming graduates na kulang sa practical knowledge.” More HERE.
    4. Privatization of regional hospitals“Naniniwala ako na may mga bagay-bagay na pag nagkaroon ng private investment kahit papano ay nakakatulong. Pero katulad nga ng ibang naipasa na nating mga batas kung saan naging privitized, nakita naman natin yung intention na wag magkaroon ng monopoly,wag tumaas ang presyo, mas maging equitable ay hindi nangyayari, kaya para sa akin, dapat obserbahan muna natin, magbigay tayo ng 2 or 3 na hospital, tingnan natin kung papano papatakbuhin ng privitized group. Mahirap namang mawalan ng control, tingnan natin ang nangyari sa ating kuryente, sa ating gasolina. Maganda naman din ang ibang hospital na nagkaroon ng private investment na mas maayos na napatakbo.”
    5. Proposed projects for women – (ang kakulitan ni Sir Chiz on the video below)

  1. What can she offer Mindanao if she wins the 2013 Philippine senatorial elections (video below)

Interesting right? It was worth my time listening to these two candidate for the Senate. It definitely helped me know them more, their stand on the issues our country is facing and each of their agenda. To see the complete video/interview of Sen. Chiz Escudero and Grace Poe, you may refer to this LINK. So whether I vote for them or not, it’s a secret for now! I hope with this post, I was able to help you make that big and important decision come May 2013.