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Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else” – Peter F. Drucker, Austrian educator and author.

Most mothers’ commonly feel that they’re doing so much that they accomplish so little. This is a common notion for moms given the amount of hats they need to wear in a day (mom, chef, entertainer, storyteller, working mom). Although the BBC reported multi-tasking appears to be related to women rather than men, time management seems to be difficult for most moms that have countless tasks to do daily.


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For most people, it’ll take a while to come up with a system that they can follow that will make things easier and simpler daily. Time management is a habit that needs to be nurtured and built on.

To help you out, here are some effective ways on how to manage your time wisely as a busy mom:

1. Learn to focus

Often, the biggest distractions can be yourself! Time management requires dedication from yourself not to allow distraction, such as social media and television. It helps to practice using a timer when finishing items in your to-do list (in fact, you’ll be surprised when you’re able to finish things ahead of your time limit). First, divide all the tasks based on their priority status and how much time should be allowed for each one. Then, use a timer and make sure you are not doing anything else in this time frame you set for each task.

To give yourself some time to adjust, it helps to set your alarm clock at home 15 minutes earlier than usual. Eventually, you will be able to wake up without an alarm clock, according to Life Hacker, in no time – just take it one step at a time.

2. Use mobile apps

Several studies have indicated the positive effects of video and smartphone gaming, with researchers seeing strong correlations between increased gameplay with better stress management, reduce levels of depression, and generally improve mood, which is pretty evident with mobile users that play with their phones whenever they have a spare moment. From worldwide gaming phenomena like Pokemon Go to different gaming platforms such as money-generating titles like Cashino, our smartphones are providing us a sense of relief that no other gadget has done in the past. Thus, anytime you need to take a breather, don’t be afraid to play a couple of quick games on your mobile because it can provide you with a whole host of benefits in the long term and short term.

Other than games, there are loads of productivity apps to keep yourself on track with daily tasks, as well as organize anything family related. Some apps that you an take a look at include:

Cozi ( is an app that allows you to share a color-coded calendar for each family member to remind them of their to-do lists as well as inform them of your shopping lists by store. It also comes with a meal planner and family journal you can share easily with your loved ones.

Toodledo ( helps you in organizing your tasks by folder, priority, tags, and subtexts to easily filter them. The scheduler makes it easier to determine the tasks you need to prioritize based on your time availability and task due dates. Set its alarm and reminders so you won’t miss an important item on your to-do list.

Big Oven ( makes planning a lot simpler as it offers you a library filled with over 250,000 recipes that you’ve stored, favorite, created, and recorded. The best part about this app is its ability to suggest meal ideas based on the leftovers you have at home.

3. Divide and delegate

You can only do so much in a day. Although moms are the nearest form of super humans on earth, we also need time to rest and unwind. The best way to be able to free your hands of other tasks is by dividing them along with other members of your family and delegate what they need to do. Be assertive, but reasonable. Some tasks cannot be done by children, so make sure to only give them easy chores such as picking up their toys or cleaning their rooms. You are not becoming less of a mom by allowing them to share your workload, just be open with them about how you feel and your family will be more than happy to assist.

Learning To Play The Piano

One of the things that I always wished I can do is play the piano. I am always fascinated with people who can just sit there and have their fingers play on those piano keys and play such beautiful music! I regret not taking the piano lesson opportunity with my cousins when I was younger! Now all I can do is watch them play so beautifully! Talk about regrets! haha!

piano and piano books
But anyway, I love that my youngest son is showing interest in playing the piano. He can play a little but he definitely needs proper lesson to master it, plus lot more practice! And what better way to help him than providing him with piano books that will aid his learning. So far I can see he is learning fast and I hope he will continue with it an one day play such beautiful music.

Guitar and Music – The Mom and Sons Bonding

One of the biggest thing that brought me and my kids together is music. Both me and my youngest Jhed loves to sing while my eldest NJ loves to play the guitar. For me, jamming with my boys is the coolest thing ever! So proud of my eldest son who actually learned to play the guitar by himself through the help of the Internet. We had him subscribed to an online lesson for just a month where he can view tutorials and some tabs to practice but after that, everything he did by himself.

He first used a hallow guitar given by his grandfather then later on found playing the electric guitar more interesting. We actually have 2 (my dad’s) and he gave one to my son. Though he have on already, I am actually looking into buying him a new one. Something with the joe signature would be cool! It is supposed to be a surprise but I decide to have it checked by him to ensure he really really likes it! I am totally excited for our next jam as we are covering a new song in our new home! yay!

Moving In and New Beginnings

“Today is the start of a new adventure. New challenges to face, new memories to make, and new obstacles to overcome”

It’s been quite a while since my last update here and I feel so guilty for actually been missing a lot! Life’s been both crazy and fun lately. Crazy to a point that it almost took me out of my blogging cycle (baaaad I know!). Not that my life’s been boring, it has been always fun (all because I chose to be happy despite all the odds and circumstances) but it somehow got crazier — in a good and exciting way. And then it even got crazier when the moving in to a new home came in the picture!

moving in

Moving in to a new home brought me tons of emotions that most of them I can’t actually explain, but for sure sadness and excitement were both there. Sad because I will be leaving a home where so much memories were made. The happiest and the most painful memories all worthy to cherish (yes! even the most painful memories! because those made me the strong woman that I am now). On the other hand, I am excited because a new home means new beginnings! Definitely excited to make new memories in this new home with my boys. I know this won’t be easy, I know things won’t be perfect but I am hopeful that with God’s help, we will be creating amazing memories especially now that my boys are on this teenager stage, a stage where thank God, I can still very much relate!

Everything is still a bit messy after our transfer so it’s kind of stressful for me as I am doing most of the sorting out. It’ll probably take me a month to have everything sort out! lol! I’m not in a hurry anyway! Taking things slowly. Now thinking of cabinets, closet, floormats, paints, bulbs, curtains, padlocks, etc as I am writing this! hahahaha! So please excuse me, I need to run! this is just a quick update! Will be sharing more when we are totally settled. To all solo mommas who were able to pull off a new home transfer successfully, hats off to you!! Wish me luck!

Struggles, Realizations, and Motivations in Parenteen

Today, I am feeling a bit beaten up and distressed because I felt such a failure being a mother to my two teenage boys. I feel like I’ve done everything I could to raise them to be with integrity, loving, gentle, forgiving, and above all God-fearing boys but to no avail. Of course that is coupled with prayers for God’s guidance and wisdom. I needed to take a deep breath and pause so I’d stop beating myself up for being not perfect as a parent (**sigh**) and for not seeing my boys perfectly living in a way I have hoped they’d live.

As I scanned through my planner and went through the bible after crying out to God, I felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance and God’s message for me today is clear. I realized that both me and my children are God’s work in progress. I need not beat myself up for my boys’ failures and shortcomings and realize that they are still young, they have a looooong way to go and need more guidance and love in this world we brought them into. They too have their struggles and as their mom, I am supposed to be here to address those and assure them of my unconditional love so they too will be capable of giving that kind of love in ALL of their dealings, moreso when it’s their time to lead their own homes.

mommy and sons

Today’s positive quote empowered me to go the extra mile in raising my boys. “All the sacrifices of a Godly mother are paid in full when she sees all her children serve the Lord.” It is truly my prayer for my boys to be so in love with Jesus Christ and be the kind of men someday that God always wanted them to be. I know there will be a lot of challenges along the way, but I know also that God is on my side in raising them. He has perfect plans for them and I need not to worry because our God is amazing, loving and good.

These videos came along my facebook feeds also today and they inspired me to be a better mom/person while I push through life.

As parents, our time with out children is limited so let’s do everything we can to create memories with them — pleasant memories that when they look back, they will see our love and sacrifices for them beyond our imperfections as parents.

While this motivational video is not really for parenting, I am sharing this also because this helped me stay focused on my personal goals as a person. The better I feel about myself, the better I can be as a Mom to my boys.