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How To Entertain A Crowd

Have you volunteered to host a large crow over the holidays? This either has you excited or paralyzed with stress. If you’re a novice host, follow these recommendations from the experts and your event will go off without a hitch. Take a deep breath and let the planning begin.  The key to success is advance planning. This will allow you to enjoy your guests as the function and be as relaxed as possible. Let’s get to it!

The simplest way to entertain a crowd for dinner is by serving buffet style. Generally the dining room table is best suited for the buffet. Assemble a centerpiece using fresh greenery from the garden. This can truly be a showstopper. Enlist a friend if you’re not confident. Stack dinner plates at opposite ends of the buffet to allow guests to serve themselves from either side. Roll silverware in napkins and have available next to the plates.

Decide on your menu. As guest will possibly be juggling a plate and possibly a drink, avoid foods with heavy sauces. Avoid experimenting on new dishes for the event unless you’re an accomplished cook. The easier the food preparation the better. Try to make dishes that can be prepared as far in advance as possible. Identify serving dishes and have ready in the kitchen. Set up a drink station or bar in an area away from the main buffet to accommodate the flow of your guests.

Finally, take the time to get yourself ready for the event. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and make an appointment for eyelash extensions. Select an outfit and allow yourself ample time to relax and get dressed. Remember, the most important item to wear to the event is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. You’ve got this!

Tips For Entertaining A Crowd

Have you offered to host a large party over the holidays? You’re either paralyzed with fear or are actually looking forward to it. Either way, follow these suggestions from the experts to ensure a fun, memorable evening for both you and your guests. Entertaining a large crowd doesn’t have to be intimidating, just plan to plan!

After you have the headcount for your event you can decide if a sit down dinner is in order or if a buffet will be a better choice for the size of the crowd.  If a buffet is most appropriate, designate the dining table for your buffet table.  Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and head to Kmart for a huge selection of table linens and serving pieces. Stack dining plates at either end of the buffet to allow guests to serve themselves from both sides. Roll silverware in napkins and have at either end of the buffet with the plates. Nothing like waiting in line for food to dampen a festive atmosphere!

Plan your menu well in advance. The simpler the items are to prepare the better. Avoid experimenting with new recipes on the day of your event.  Some guests will be juggling drink glasses and plates, so avoid soupy and saucy items. Often a lasagna, salad and bread are sufficient to feed a hungry crowd. Keep it simple and you’ll enjoy your evening as much as your guests.

Consider a separate table for drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. This will keep the guests flowing around the buffet table and will allow them to find a spot for dining and return for drinks. Most of all, relax and enjoy your evening with your holiday guests. The most important thing you can wear is a genuine smile and a relaxed self-confidence.

How to Pick the Right Replacement Screen For Your Door

Screen doors serve a number of important purposes around your home. Those doors let you keep your door open to let in a nice breeze on warm days, keep your kids from getting outside and block bugs from getting inside your home. When that screen breaks, you might feel tempted to replace the entire door, but you can pick up a replacement screen online. These screens let you get more use out of your door and are easy to install on your own. You just need to know how to pick the right replacement screen.


Fiberglass vs. Metal

One thing you should consider is whether fiberglass or metal is best for your home. Aluminum, while durable and inexpensive, isn’t nearly as strong as fiberglass. With a fiberglass screen installed on your door, you’ll never worry about corrosion or other common problems. The fiberglass doesn’t rust like aluminum does, even when exposed to rain or snow. You may want to avoid aluminum when replacing the screen door in a house with younger children. There is a risk that the sharp edges of the metal might cause injuries.


The cost of a brand new screen door is around $200 or more, but you can purchase a roll of replacement screen for much less. Some doors can cost even more, and you may need to hire a professional contractor to install it for you. Screen door replacement screens come in rolls that let you unroll the screen and cut it to the exact size and shape needed for your door. Aluminum costs a little less than fiberglass, but you might prefer fiberglass because those screens will usually last longer.


Another thing to consider is the type of screen that you need. Despite what you might think, all screens are not the same. Those designed for insect control feature fibers that are woven together more tightly to prevent those bugs from getting through. Some manufacturers designed more dependable screens that can withstand high winds and doors that your children constantly slam shut. There are some that are even resistant to pet damage and won’t break down when your dog or cat claws at the screen. When choosing a replacement screen for your front door or back door, make sure that you consider factors like type, cost and whether fiberglass or aluminum is best for your home.

S&R Members’ Treat and Big Sale is Back

Hey you Moms, Dads, Ates, Kuyas, and everyone else in the family! I have a VERY important news that you’ll surely love! S&R Members’ Treat is so back! On September 30 to October 2, members will enjoy up to 50% discount on your favorite imported items and get to enjoy buy 1 take 1 offers too!


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Another treat for us is the the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! Oh boy! I am super excited for it and I can’t wait to indulge and get my ice cream fix.

If you are not a member yet, this is the best time that you get yourself registered and get your own card before the big days! It is going to be so worth it! The sale is happening on ALL S&R Members shopping branches by the way so wherever you are, go to your nearest S&R branch on September 30-October 2 and enjoy the amazing deals!

Check out their Facebook Page for more updates in the coming days.

Basic Yet Truly Effective Water Damage Prevention and Solutions

Old Shed House

Water damage is a very serious problem most especially for people who are living in low-lying and flood prone areas. It can totally ruin a property and if not taken care of immediately, can also compromise the health and wellness of people living inside the house. Water can easily deteriorate wooden structures and penetrate concrete if cracks are not properly sealed off. It can easily destroy any kind of machines, electrical equipment, gadgets and appliances too.

Old Shed House

What you can do to prevent water damage?

It’s quite easy to prevent any kind of damage brought about by unwanted water. Move your appliances and other equipment into a place or location where it can’t be easily reached by flood or water leak. Locate holes and cracks at your walls or even at your flooring and seal them immediately. Same thing goes with your roof; seal any kind of holes that you’ll see to prevent rain water from pouring in.

Water damage solutions, are there any?

If water touched your appliances, bring them to the electrician or other professionals who can check and repair them immediately. For flooded homes, especially the basement area, you can call water damage repair and restoration experts to check, assess and repair the damage that unwanted water brought. They can also effectively remove any remaining flood water by using special equipment and machinery. You can also ask them to thoroughly check your property to prevent mold growth.

These are just few of the many prevention and solutions to water damage that every homeowner can do immediately. They might sound really basic but they are truly effective in minimizing and even eliminating any kind of damage that unwanted water might bring.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. The same thing goes when it comes to water damage prevention and solutions. If your area is always flooded or water always gets in no matter how hard you tried to prevent such thing from happening, then it’s just right to move into another location.