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Cinema Cents: The Lego Batman Movie

I admit I am not a huge fan of the lego movie series but hey that does not stop me from lining up to see the worldwide premier of the The Lego Batman Movie.

lego batman movie

The first thing to say about The Lego Batman Movie is, it’s hilarious, kick-ass, and super-fun to watch. The Lego Batman Movie being a silly animated spinoff of The Batman Movie tickled my funny bones. It basically explored Batman’s ego, fears, and desires in the most hilarious way! I seriously had to review my knowledge Villains-characters because the movie definitely had them altogether from the phantom zone all the way to Gotham City along with Batman’s number one enemy the Joker. The movie is a full packed action animation and boy! I must say they were very creative! I can just imagine the work to put the scenes altogether to have such amazing output! Hats off to the animation team!

Well, you guys catch The Lego Batman Movie at your nearest cinema if you want to be entertained, laugh to your heart’s content.

My favorite quotes from The Lego Batman Movie

You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself – Barbara

Friends are Family you can choose

Batgirl: Why did you build this thing with only one seat?
Batman: Because last I checked I only had one butt

There is no “us”. Never will be. (Batman to Joker)


Cinema Cents: Mano Po 7

Watched Mano Po 7 at Centrio Cinema with a friend last night and I say it didn’t disappoint. The story was simple but full of lessons every family member can learn from. I love the fact that this time it focused on a Chinoy (Filipino-Chinese) family led by Wilson Wong (Richard Yap).

Mano Po 7 centers around the Wongs, an upper class Chinese family which at first glance seems to be an ideal family, close to perfect. Rich, intact, well-mannered children (not all of them though), supportive in-law, and booming businesses. From afar, one can just wish they belong to the Wong family. But just like any other families, the Wongs are also flawed. There’s the busy head of the family whose time is consumed with making sure the business is growing and the family is well provided, then there’s the wife who also finds satisfaction in making a name for herself through her own business, thus, she doesn’t have much time mothering her kids. And there’s the eldest son, Wilson Jr. who is the family’s black sheep, a drug addict, a disgrace to the family. The struggling middle child who is forced to take up a course she didn’t like in order to please the father, and of course the youngest child who actually didn’t have much exposure. The movie showed how most of the Filipino Chinese families in the Philippines lives the same old Chinese traditions while dealing the family problems and rifts in modern times.

Mano Po 7

I love how Jean Garcia’s character stood strong despite her own needs as a woman. She displayed grace and love amidst the turmoil. The problems the family had to go through is actually typical but I like how it was shown because it didn’t exaggerate to the point that it becomes unbelievable. Simple plot but worth pondering in the end.

Okay, I won’t elaborate much as I leave it to you guys to find out the movie’s conflicts, how they were resolved, and how it ended. Mano Po 7 Chinoy is indeed another powerful drama about a family that hopes for love, tries so hard to find how they could weather the hardships of culture and differences and still get the family together.

The movie was shown last December but was cut short due to the MMFF. If you want to catch it, head to your Ayala Malls Cinema as it has been re-opened for viewing on selected theaters.


Temptation : Confessions of a Marriage Counselor – Review


The movie is so good that I am compelled to write and share my take home after I watched it. I knew of this movie through an online job assigned to me. I got the chance to transcribe one of the interviews of the movie’s lead star Jurnee Smollett and it is interesting to know that she is such a grounded person. She mentioned being picky with her roles and makes sure that what she takes is something really worth it. I also love the fact that she is a woman of God. She wants to listen NOT to her own voice but to God’s voice because at the end of the day that’s what really matters (as she said). To do that she likes prayer, meditations and reading so not just to hear her own voice in decisions she has to make.

“Be bold enough and confident enough to accept the consequences and the blessings that comes from that” (talking about decisions) – Jurnee Smollett

Now, having said that about the personal life of the lead character, I am confident you are as sure as I was that this movie Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is something really good! The title itself is intriguing enough! And it spells L-E-S-S-O-N-S at the end of it.

The movie is about a marriage counselor sharing a story of her sister’s marriage in the attempt to enlighten her client.

Judith and Brice have been married for 6 years but have known each other since they were 6. Both were from family of devout Christians with strong beliefs. Judith as a therapist working at a matchmaking agency and Brice as a pharmacist living an average life got caught up with work and life. The husband loves his wife so much but had his own shortcomings being the husband (the usual, forgetting birthdays, failing to appreciate her wife’s beauty and other petty things that can lead to serious issues). Though he loves his wife so much and the wife knows that, that didn’t secure her and found herself dangerously attracted to another man who made her feel so beautiful, worth it and very important. As expected, infidelity came knocking on their door. Judith fell into the trap because she thought she found a way to be “alive” with the new guy. Despite her mother’s persistent counseling and reminder to her that Satan has come running after her using her personal issues, she did not listen and even became strangely disrespectful to her mother. She listened to the voice inside her, telling her she needed to be with the guy who made her feel alive and didn’t listen to the counsel of her mom, even to the plea of her husband who told her he loves her so much.

Okay! I’ll stop there and let you see the movie so you will know what happens next. And if it’s any consolation – just to let you know, Kim Kardashian is also in the movie (playing Judith’s friend and colleague). Anyway, my take home – lessons learned from this movie is that we need to be aware and not compromising ourselves, our moral values and our beliefs with our emotional decisions. Giving in to the flesh is not that hard for people who made themselves believe that they have been wronged, those who believe they were not given the attention they deserve. It’s all about, me-me-me and more of ME! It’s really normal that we give in to our emotions, let alone the feeling of being unwanted, uncared for, unloved and unsecured. However, listening to ourselves and believing that we deserve more poses a huge threat of pain and brokenness not just to yourself but to the people who cares and loves you so much – your spouse and kids (if there’s any), friends and relatives. If we listen too much to all these sentiments, we tend to resort into emotion-based decisions. We look for solutions elsewhere or with someone else, when what we should be doing is fall down to our knees, seek for God’s wisdom and strength, surrender to Him. Re-evaluate ourselves and learn to forgive and really talk to our spouse and let them know our issues. We cannot afford to play a guessing game in marriage. Communication is very very important. The problem with us humans is, we easily conform to what the world is telling us! That is “it’s okay to turn our eyes into someone and break our marriage and commitment as long as it makes us happy.” That our acts of infidelity is always justified by the shortcomings of our spouse. I just find it so wrong. But we all see this happening right before our very own eyes. It’s a sad fact and it’s something every couple has to really look into.

This is the generation where most married couples think that it’s love that sustains the promise. That marriage ends when the emotions/feelings is gone. Remember, the heart is deceitful, it is wicked! We forget that marriage is a commitment, to love our spouse is a decision – an everyday decision. That it should be the Promise/vow sustaining the Love, not the Love sustaining the Promise/Vow. As posted in my facebook status – Most people learn the hard way, it’s a choice. Dwelling too much on our bitterness and self needs leads us to do things that we think are the best solution to our issues despite everyone around us telling us otherwise. We allowed our hearts to be hardened and insist to drown ourselves with emotion-based solutions (quick fix) and take no counsel from anyone. When the consequence of our actions smack us hard on the face and the damage has become irreversible, that’s the only time we fall into our knees and admit we were wrong. It’s a sad fact. I hope though, that all those who watched and are yet to watch this movie will realize that, the best armor in fighting the sense of importance and completeness is putting the full armor of God.

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:11-13

If you don’t believe in God, I am pretty sure you believe in Karma. So whatever belief it is that you have, I guess you would agree that our emotions is deceitful and any wrongdoing to satisfy our flesh is not a wise solution AT ALL. And as to those who fell victims and have been hurt with their spouse’s tragic decision of brokenness, it will hurt. It will take some time for it to go away, but you will get through it and your faithfulness will be rewarded one day (I got that from Brandy’s line in the movie).