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Random : Music Afternoon With My Dude

One of the things that me and eldest son go along so well apart from sport and being crazy is music! He loves to play the guitar, we both though but unfortunately the guitar doesn’t seem to love me that much. While sharing the current music we both plan to cover, he was checking out his electric guitar and then he was talking “alien” to me that I actually had to research about it.

Talked about production guitars that have either the Sustainer or Sustainiac pickup installed. Errrr….earth on me! What is that? I had to actually google it out to be able to relate. Lol! Well, one thing for sure it’s a bit pricey. We are looking for our option up until this moment so if you guys have any idea or suggestions, please help us through the comment section.

Learn Music Right from the Start: Tips for Beginners

Learning music can seem extremely challenging for somebody with no experience. Whether you’ve just gotten an instrument for a pre-teen birthday, or you’re retired and looking for a new hobby, learning music can be pretty exciting.


The fact is that learning can be a little bit difficult if you don’t do it the right way though. No matter what instrument you want to learn or why you want to learn it, figuring out the basics first will make a big difference.

Use this guide to learn music the right way from the start. Doing that will help you tomorrow and as you advance as a player and musician.

Buy a Quality Instrument

When you’re learning to play an instrument it can be easy to buy something cheap. After all, you may not even end up dedicating that much time to the instrument you’re buying. It sounds like sound logic, but in most cases, it is not.

What you need to do is buy a quality instrument that’s in good shape. Otherwise you’ll have difficulty learning and process will be much more frustrating. Buy used or new, but whatever you buy, make sure your instrument is functioning properly.

Learn to Read Music

Learning to read music may not seem particularly rewarding for many new players. However, as you get deeper into your instrument, you’ll find that reading music can help you play pieces you love a whole lot easier.

Being able to read music will also increase your ability to play with others and create your own compositions. No matter why you want to play music, the ability to read music can be very helpful.

Consider Paid Lessons

While you can teach yourself music, trying to do everything yourself isn’t always the wisest idea. Even if you can’t continue to pay for years of lessons – or that’s just not how you want to learn – getting a few lessons at first can make a huge difference.

When it comes to learning the fundamentals of music or playing an instrument, trying to learn everything on your own is often much slower. You may also develop habits that impede your progress down the road.

When you have a teacher, even if it’s just for a few months, you’ll learn the basics so you can take it from there.

Holiday Monday

I love holidays because that would mean an opportunity to wake up late, tidy the house, just rest and spend time with family. Today is eid-mubarak (end of ramadan) and is declared as a regular holiday so kids and I don’t have to wake up early (thank God! Because I am still not feeling well — I had fever since Friday and my cough worsened today to the extent of having a hoarse voice).

So anyway, my boys are particularly excited for today’s holiday because they planned to play badminton since my eldest will be playing badminton in their school’s intramurals. I planned to just stay home and rest but as always the mother in me kicks in so I went with them to watch them play and errrrr.. give them some expert’s tips (coughs) ^-^.

badminton 2 badminton

I personally missed playing badminton and wanted to play but my health is getting in the way (booòooo!!).. Yeah I had fever since last saturday and I am determined to take it easy today and rest. Anyway, here are some photos from today’s game with one of my boys’ young spiritual mentors and lunch with daddy after the game.

badminton buddies
Steven, NJ and Edward making the most of their one day off from school (College, HS & Elem)

badminton buddies 2

Thirsty after the game! These boys are not done yet!

badminton familyour Twofies! Before and after the game. The lunch sponsor whose office is nearby came to the rescue! ^-^

badminton buddies 4

Buddies! They are not done yet. They went somewhere else after our lunch as they have plans of playing some more later (badminton or soccer). Better than computer games!

Yes! They are definitely not done yet. As I am writing this while I am here at Globe Centrio (waiiiitinggg! Honestly I hate waiting this long!), my boys and Steven went to their Bible study leader/mentor to hang out while still trying to figure out where to go next. Oh! My boys are all grown up! I am just thankful though that the ones they go with are of good influence 🙂 ^-^ ☺☺.

My Cartoonized Me by MicsArt

A mommy friend is blessed with a very talented daughter who is now showing so much potentials with her arts. Upon seeing her sample works, I messaged her and challenged her to do me a caricature or a cartoonized version of me as I call it. She took the challenge and look what she came up with!

It’s super cute and I liked it a lot! She made this with Photoshop. I think this girl has a potential in becoming a very good artist. This reminds me when I was in my early highschool years, I used to draw so well (I loved drawing Disney cartoon characters). Too bad though, it wasn’t developed, probably because my parents failed to see what I was good at (other than singing – chos! and academically — sort of :P). This leads me to remind every parent including myself that it’s very important that we pay close attention to our children – and I mean in all aspect! Only through seeing them and the things they love to do will we be able to also do our part in ensuring that their talents are nurtured and developed. Our children deserve our support and encouragement because most of them at a very young age does not really understand how their present talent can define their future. I’m glad mommy Ruby is all support with her young Micah. Here are two of my favorites from MicsArt, her deviantart account. You may also follow her on her Facebook fan page.

She called this Emerald. I personally find this very girly and I love how the 3 colors complimented and made the entire art appealing.
This one is another favorite. Actually the fireplace is amazing! No question on the main subject, but I love every little detail she have put in this portrait.

Katie Crank’s Cute “When You Say Nothing At All”

NJ (8 y.o) and Jhed (6 y.o) at the Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island, Philippines.

The first time I watched this video posted by Katie Crank, I was smiling throughout the song. I just find her version of one of my favorite song so amusing, cute and so real! She creatively changed the lyrics describing the realities of a Mom (her being a mom of 4 adorable boys). I have 2 boys (13 and 11) and this video reminded me of how they were back when they were katie’s sons ages. Though they are more responsible and a little grown up now, they are still “messy” (normal for boys? lol!) at times. But for the most part, they are more “organized”. At times I miss their adorable unruly days.

Whether you have little boys or girls who are very gifted at making a mess around the house (hahahaha! yeah, it’s a gift they have), you have to watch this video and be reminded that these little tykes are God’s blessing – their mess is part of the package :D. Let us cherish and nourish not just their bodies but moreso their souls. Thank you Katie for this awesome video. God bless all Moms!

And this! made me look back to the years that have gone by so fast. Here are my boys with me throughout the years. Cheers!

NJ (8 y.o) and Jhed (6 y.o) at the Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island, Philippines.
NJ (5 y.o) and Jhed (3 y.o) – Kuya NJ’s Kindergarten Graduation
Toy story time with my boys 🙂
5 and 3
“selfie” even before the word was invented.
My sweet boys after an afternoon swim
Studio Go – DVBS 2013 at Church – Me and NJ were volunteers and Jhed was a student