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Investing on The Best Speakers

I stay at home most of the time facing either my desktop, or my television when I am taking some time to rest. Oh, include my laptop on the side when I am working. One of the things that I do while working is streaming my favorite TV series or stream movies. And because I don’t focus most of the time with it as I am working, I have to make sure that I have the best sound possible so I can at least hear what’s going on in the movie/series :D. How else will I enjoy that than having the best powered speakers! I seriously invested on one! I guess you’ll agree with me that you don’t mind spending into something that makes your life or work bearable on a daily basis. Thanks to my amazing speaker and these TV Series for keeping my sanity.

  • Reign
  • The Originals
  • 13 Reasons Why (Finished with it already)
  • Riverdale (Season 1)
  • Game of Thrones (waiting for Season 7!)

So how about you? What’s your favorite TV series to watch online and the things that you don’t mind spending for?

Playlist Currently

Holla there everyone! It’s rather a bit stressful day for me and nothing relaxes me more than listening go good music (according to my taste), aside from working out though. Since I am not feeling so well today, have to rest my body so working out is not an option. So currently to keep my sanity I am listening to my favorite music seriously loud using my peavey speakers. I just love how I can actually make my own playlist via Spotify.

my playlist

On my playlist (very diverse actually)

  • Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars
  • All I ask – Adele
  • You – Jona (My Ex and Whys OST)
  • Ikaw Lamang – Janno and Jaya
  • Stickwithu – The Pussycat dolls
  • Stitches – Shawn Mendes
  • Run the World – Beyonce
  • Breathe on Us – Kari Jobe
  • It’s a Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace
  • Counting Stars – Boyce Avenue

And many more songs from Boyce Avenue! I don’t know I just feel like they make each song beautiful! So how about you? What’s on your playlist?

Random Thoughts and Realizations: Friendship

Over the years, I have had my share of friendships. I’ve had friends whom I thought will last but left sooner than I expected. There were people whom I became friends and eventually left for no reasons. The saying that says we have 3 kinds of friends that will come in our lives, the friends for a reason, the friends for a season, and those friends for a lifetime. Because I am a very friendly person and I get along with people so easily, I get to experience having these friends for a season. There were friends whom I thought were going to be lifetime friends but they appear to be another friends for a season. Certainly I have experienced these friends for a reason, used me but eventually taught me a lesson.

In this time of my life, I have realized that it is less important to have more friends and that it’s more important to have REAL ones. My circle has  become smaller as the years progressed. There were friends whom I thought were for me and with me…but wrong! I felt like I was left behind the moment they deemed me not fitting into their standards (whatever standards those are). Oh well! I cannot waste my energy crying over people who obviously doesn’t care about my feelings with their “judgmental” attitude.

friendship quotes

I am glad though that I still have this friend whom I can completely express myself, my crazy thoughts, the silly things I did and still doing, with all confidence and without worrying that I will be judged and eventually will put me in the “unfriended” zoned. I thank God for you my dear friend for allowing me to be just myself, for hearing my silly stories without judging me, for understanding me, for the words of wisdom, for the acceptance of the changes in me but never fails to point out my lapses and weaknesses when needed with so much love and understanding. To the kind of friends out there who are supportive, understanding. not judgmental. and most of all the kind of friend who love unconditionally, I salute you all! May God continue to shower you with much love, blessings, and more friends.

You Do You

How many of you are actually holding back, afraid to do things freely, and just be yourself because friends, family, and the rest of the world is watching? How many of you puts on restrictions on their facebook statuses and timeline because you are worried some might judge you for it, or somebody might be offended by it, or disapprove your posts and will probably merit you a “call & audit” from these people who supposedly care for you. Well, I have been there, I mean not to the point of putting on restrictions on my facebook but I’ve been to that phase where I get to worry what would people think if I do this and that, post this and that! Definitely not the best feeling in the world!


I have been confronted by some friends, probably even judged me. They said I have changed a lot. Then, I was told to watch what I post on Social Media, careful with how I do things, and even my decisions in life were at some point questioned, and all that. I truly appreciate the concern, really I do. I know the real friends and the real people who cares for me meant well. What irks me is when I am told this “What will people think?”. Really? Do I really have to worry what people will think of me? Do I have to stop what I do which by the inspires a lot of women, just because some people finds it offensive and “inappropriate”. I actually gave it a thought, re-examined myself, revisited by decisions, reviewed my social media postings and realized that they’re all okay to me. None of it harmed anyone, directly or indirectly. Not even my kids! So I said to myself, screw the judgemental people, I don’t really care. People can keep their opinions on me to themselves, it won’t bother me.

Like what it says below, people will always have anything to say regardless of what you will do! There are people who always finds fault in whatever you do, these fault-finders will never be pleased! So don’t live your life in fear of their judgements. The ones who truly care for you will encourage you and will support you. YOU DO YOU because at the end of the day, it will be between you and what you did. Your life is your responsibility, your happiness is your own choice. Don’t let anyone dictate you! Don’t let anyone be that barrier and take away your freedom to be YOUR TRUE SELF. I say this with the reminder as well to be RESPONSIBLE with your actions, Do not hurt people, be bold but at the same time be responsible. As for me, I know to whom I am answerable to, and definitely to none of you.




Quick Hang Out With The DJ

Went out last night after workout with a friend for a quick dinner at a friend’s new resto. I’m glad I came as I met new friends and discovered a cool new place to hang out in the coming days. We bumped into our friend who apparently is the place’s regular DJ.

Because we enjoyed his mix so much we ended up in one table catching up after his set. Talked about all his DJ stuff, the choice of music, the mood, the gadgets, and the mixers. Speaking of mixers, the dude is so ecstatic on having his own rane sixty two! A kick ass mixer with cues that actually work and unbelievable faders, practically has everything a modern DJ needs. I had to check it out myself because he was just so into it! True enough, rane sixty two is something a DJ shouldn’t miss!

So anyway, that was just a quick catching up and I am definitely looking forward to see him play with his new toy real soon!