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Out For A Quick Vacation To Dapitan City

One of the things that I am so thankful for is having crazy and spontaneous friends! It is having friends like them that allows me to have fun, experience new things, and TRAVEL – unplanned! hahaha!

Okay, so two of my closest gym freak friends decided that we go on a roadtrip to Dapitan one morning after working out. Us being adventurous and totally free decided we get it a go over the weekend right that very morning (Tuesday – 4 days before the weekend! haha!). So off we will go to Dapitan City for one Summer escapade (Yes! long overdue post here :D)!

Before I continue, here’s a little preview about Dapitan City or Ciudad de Dapitan in Spanish. It is a third-class city in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines on the island of Mindanao. It took us around 6 hours to get to Dapitan from Cagayan de Oro. It could’ve been shorter but, we went through another route after seeing the super long line of cars at the Mukas Barge Terminal. That was actually a horrible idea as it took us forever to get to Dapitan. Good thing I was with the crazy two so the trip was full of laughter despite the longer route we got ourselves into.

dapitan 1

All smiles despite being tired due to the reroute we made ourselves! haahhaha! Jutell (our sexy driver is a wheel warrior! lol!). The slow rock music kept us entertained as we journeyed through the seem to be never ending road to Dapitan City.

dapitan 2

Welcome to Dapitan! #ChoosePhilippines #beautifulphilippines #Philippines

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That was actually a quick tour as we were set to go back home early Monday (we all have work). We stayed at a friend’s house which is by the way few steps away from the fantasy land and the boulevard! How convenient is that! Okay, I don’t have much to say, I’ll let the photos do the talking. 🙂 (more…)

Mini Me Time

1st Avenue Apartel/Inn

My weekend have been crazy these past few weeks since I went back to school to pursue teaching. Yes, I took up 18 units of Professional Teaching – but that’s not my point of discussion today :). Anyway, since I started going back to school, I never got the chance to really enjoy my weekends since my class starts from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We just finished our 2 subjects and we got lucky to have been given one weekend break! I decided to go out of town to de-stress and see 3 of my super treasured friends! It was a short trip but to me it felt like DAYSsss! So off I went to Malaybalay City (2 hours away from Cagayan de Oro) Friday night :). I arrived 7:00PM and was greeted by the cold weather of the city (I felt like I was in Baguio). While the weather was cold, my friends were the opposite. I thank God for them and their warmness. Warm and sweet enough to fetch me at the Bus terminal, drive me to the apartelle where I was to stay and treated me to dinner! The adventure started right away!


1st Avenue Apartel/Inn

My friends made a reservation for me at the 1st Avenue Inn located at Propia St. Sumpong, Malaybalay City. I definitely loved the place. Quite, clean and a very comfortable place to stay. I was lucky to be assigned at the New wing of the apartel. I love the simplicity of the room, the comfortable bed for two (I was alone though :P), the cable tv, the airconditioned room and above all the free Wifi made my stay an awesome experience!


Dinner at Rey’s Grill. I loved the crispy Tuna buntot and the chicken curls! (I will definitely try to cook this – my own version one of these days.)

Sir Chiz!

After the super fun dinner, we decided to head back to 1st avenue and guess what?! welcomed Sen. Chiz Escudero! no, not in flesh..just a standee of him! lol! We were licensed to be silly that night and laughed our hearts out with all the crazy ideas with the standee of Sir Chiz! The picture is just half of the craziness we had!


Boxing workout

The next day, I decided to try boxing at Jaki’s place. I have seen some of their photos before and I vowed to try it myself when I get the chance! The mini vacation was a perfect opportunity to do just that. So me and Irene went for a fierce day at the Baula’s boxing ring. I surprisingly finished the 12-rounds despite missing out a lot on my workout regimen lately. We were assisted by two professional boxers who were also fun to work with.

A quick visit to the Church of the Monastery of the Transfiguration in San Jose, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. I was told that if you don’t have a car going there, you can hire a multicab to get you to the transfiguration at a very affordable cost. I was awed with the beauty of the place. If you are searching for tranquility or a place to retreat, this is perfect for you! Inside, I prayed and I just love how I felt the moment I said my prayers. It was really talking to the Father wholeheartedly in His very beautiful place. The weather wasn’t that great but that didn’t stopped us from experiencing the beautiful place. After our prayers, we went to the guest house where free blended coffee is offered to the visitors. There you can also write your prayer requests and drop it to a box for your petitions to be included in the monks’ prayers. Everyone was just so kind that I left the place with so much peace in my heart.


Since Jaki was busy (end of the month office thing), she dropped us off to this very cute Milk Tea House called Art @ Cha. I immediately saw the bible verse written in the shop’s huge board. That particular part of the tea house reminded me of a friend’s photo in facebook :)..hmmm! so it was taken at Art @Cha! Anyway, I ordered their Caramel flavored milk tea and I must say, it didn’t disappoint!The place is just cute that I will definitely come back soon!


To wrap up the night, we had a short dinner at Red Bowl before I left for CDO. That was just a short vacation but I definitely enjoyed every moment of it! Never tiring, everything was just perfect! Thank you so much my dear friends Jaki, Irene and Emil! I really appreciate your time, effort and libre! hahahahaha! Seriously, I thank God for your friendship…he turned a devastating calamity into a blessing through meeting you guys. I love you!! Next time ulit!