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Novuhair Supports Alopecia Areata Awareness in Celebrating Inner Strength

September marks the month-long commemoration of Alopecia Areata awareness worldwide. Alopecia areata is a condition when hair loss occur due to faults in the immune system attacking the hair follicles which results in partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.alopecia-2 Leading this year’s celebration in the country is Alopecia Philippines, a group founded by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio in 2012. She has been championing the cause of empowering citizens with this condition.


Abby is no stranger to alopecia, having been diagnosed with alopecia areata since she was four years old. Abby’s decision to come out in public with her condition was a major turning point in her life.
On September 2012, Abby decided to start an online campaign in time with Alopecia Awareness Month by inviting family and friends to pose with the double “A” (inverted “V”) sign using their fingers on the photo sharing site, Instagram. It quickly caught on and Abby was overwhelmed by the response from netizens, with over a thousand photo contributions to date.
This paved the way for the beginnings of Alopecia Philippines. It aims to raise awareness about alopecia and correct common misconceptions and perceptions about it, provide encouragement to people afflicted with it, and create an online support community for them.

Inspired by Abby’s honesty and courage, men and women, kids and teens from different walks of life began sharing their own stories and struggles living with alopecia. What started out as a group of ten is now more than 300 members strong and its Facebook page – Alopecia Areata Awareness, draws followers from all over the world.

Novuhair has been supporting the cause for Alopecia Philippines through Abby Asistio. Abby have been using the brand continuously since March 2013 and she has only praises to share using the product.

Nature has provided a safe and effective answer to hair loss and scalp disorders. Novuhair is the only topical scalp lotion in the market that has the highest concentration of natural ingredients, FDA-certified and ACD-compliant. Novuhair is a homegrown, proudly Philippine-made product that is globally competitive.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, Instagram: @NovuhairOfficial and follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and

Abby Asistio Alopecia Awareness Youtube Link:

Salad, Anyone?

I love to cook, I love the kitchen especially when I am in the mood. I can bake a little (little, like seriously konti lang :D). I love to experiment in the kitchen and come up with viand recipes with whatever I have available. But you know what’s ironic? I can’t seem to put together a decent salad for myself! I know, I know! I’m supposed to just toss in all the veggies and fruits but to me tossing everything together feels like sabotaging myself and preparing myself for the worst meal of my life ever! hahaha!

BUT, it seems like I cannot get away with salads since I started my fitness journey and realized that buying it everyday has become costly and impractical. My friend who shares the same diet with me decided it’s time that we make our own salad. We took a trip to the market and bought our stuff. Now the challenge! how do I do it? Finally I took the courage to wash the lettuce, prayed, imagined that salads I have had, and chanted “just toss it all together, just toss it all together!” Okay I sounded so OA and crazy, but seriously, I was that nervous! hahahahaha!

So with no further ado, here’s my creation! goshhh! don’t judge me, I’ll do better next time!


  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • 1 Boiled Egg
  • Canned corned tuna
  • Chicken spread


As much as I wanted to make my own salad dressing, I don’t have the ingredients needed (following the recipes I found online). Promise, this will improve next time! If you have healthy dressing recipes please share it with me! :).


Running On Hearts Day with Nutrilite Health Run

Hearts’ Day is definitely fast approaching and what best way to take care of your heart than training it via running! Because my heart matters, I will be joining a Fun Run alongwith my #CDOBloggers friends this Sunday via Nutrilite Health Run CDO Leg 2016.


This is becoming an annual thing for me with Amway/Nutrilite! Basically my 3rd time to run with them. I am inviting everyone to register and run this Sunday (February 14, 2016). When you register to the Nutrilite Health Run, a portion of your registration will be donated to Amway One by One Campaign for Children. Make a child’s heart happy by taking good care of yours through registering in the Nutrilite Health Run 2016!

Registration is at Php350 only, inclusive of race bib | running shirt | raffle stub and an exclusive event pass to participate in any Amway Expo activity booths!

Register at:
Amway Distribution Center (ADC)
Perla Compania de Seguros Bldg.,
Don Apolinar Velez Street, CDO City
Tel.No: (088) 852-4175

Assembly Area:
Rosario Cresent Road, Limketkai Center
AMWAY EXPO AREA @ Parking-D (open parking beside Grand Caprice)

Race Finisher will get the following:

FREE Sign-up for non-Amway Business Owners
Nutrilite Drawstring Bag
Nutrilite Pen
P500 Gift Voucher for ABO Finishers

Raffle Prizes awaits the registrants/finishers too!

Php10,000 product coupon
iPad Mini
iPod Touch
Consolation prizes
nutrilite-health-run-3Check out Nutrilite’s Social Media Accounts for more information:

Facebook – AmwayCOLORurLIFE
Twitter – @COLORurLIFE_PH
Instagram – @amway_colorurlife

Lessons and Tips From My Fitness Journey

How time flies! This is my 9th month since I started my fitness journey with coach Moy a.k.a. Datu Kubisog. I have never felt happier with my body, I felt more confident and above all, way stronger! I learned to embrace my body both its strengths and flaws. Looking back, well thanks to Facebook for the daily flashbacks – this “memories” thing keeps me reminded of how things were and how far I have come in most aspect of my life.

em fitness Photos above – 8 months apart. That photo of me in orange was actually taken May 2015, a month of working out with coach Moy.

Read about my fitness journey HERE – first update I wrote and you’ll see the difference :).

I started working with coach Moy April 2015 at 71kg (156.2lbs) but I was heavier than that few months back, tummy rounder as if I have this beer belly though I do not drink! To date, I am at 57.5 kg (126.5lbs) at 5’3” tall. I am already at my ideal weight (55kg-57kg). I know this might sound too much to some of you, or I may sound like an ungrateful bitch but I want to lose more, perhaps 5-10lbs more, on a healthier course. I’m looking into becoming leaner and gain more muscles and get rid of the excess fats on some areas of my body. I am seriously working my butt off to reach that goal and sometimes I honestly think that losing the few extra pounds is actually harder! I sometimes get so impatient that my coach would frown and would just laugh at me. **Sigh** I know I need to slow down and be realistic! I am only in my 9th month and I am lucky to be at this level in my fitness journey. These amazing women in fitness I look up to, it took them years and years of training, discipline, and commitment to be that toned and lean so I guess there’s no reason for me to be stressing out with fast results this early. I am lucky to have a coach who helps me understand this journey better, knows what he is doing, and who understands my body so well. Whenever I get disappointed with myself he is there to remind me how things work with this journey. 9 months! And I am becoming impatient and a brat!

coach and emCoach and I. Pre Holiday, Holiday, and Post Holiday Photos. 😀

I needed to keep these lessons in mind as I press on to this journey and I hope you too! (more…)

Four steps to Getting a Good Shave

Getting a close shave has a lot to do with the technique that you employ, and to a certain extent, the equipment you use to shave your face. The best technique can be broken down into four basic steps. The following is a quick explanation of these steps along with the proper shaving materials needed to achieve a good shave.

Choose your blade carefully
Although it is obvious that you need a sharp razor to get a close shave it doesn’t necessarily have to be a straight razor. There are many good blades on the market to choose from, and it is simply a matter of experimenting to find what you experience as the sharpest. If you decide on using a straight razor, you will need to keep in sharpened.

Start with warming up your face
Professional barbers will often use hot towels, but at home you can use hot water, or a hot wash cloth is an even better idea. By getting your face hot, you will soften up your whiskers, making shaving easier. Your blade will cut your facial hair without pulling hard on the roots.

Use a brush to apply the cream or soap
Whether you use shaving cream or an old fashion shaving soap, a shaving brush is an essential part of a good shave. Take a the brush and apply the shaving cream, and then on your hot and wet skin, apply the cream to your face, using a circular motion with the brush. This accomplishes two things. The first is you will be working the cream or soap into a lather that works its way into your skin, creating a slippery surface. The second effect of a brush is to pull your hairs upward so they are ready to be cut. Although you can accomplish the first part with your fingertips, there is no substitute for a brush when preparing your whiskers for shaving.

Clean your blade as you progress
You should shave with short strokes and clean your blade as you go. Even a sharp razor can be compromised with the accumulation of whiskers on its blade. Simply run some water over the blade after each stroke is made.

After you have gathered the right materials, you can take the steps above to get the closest shave possible. Remember, although your shaving technique is the most important part of shaving, you still need to take your time. A good shave is not done quickly.