I admit I am not a huge fan of the lego movie series but hey that does not stop me from lining up to see the worldwide premier of the The Lego Batman Movie.

lego batman movie

The first thing to say about The Lego Batman Movie is, it’s hilarious, kick-ass, and super-fun to watch. The Lego Batman Movie being a silly animated spinoff of The Batman Movie tickled my funny bones. It basically explored Batman’s ego, fears, and desires in the most hilarious way! I seriously had to review my knowledge Villains-characters because the movie definitely had them altogether from the phantom zone all the way to Gotham City along with Batman’s number one enemy the Joker. The movie is a full packed action animation and boy! I must say they were very creative! I can just imagine the work to put the scenes altogether to have such amazing output! Hats off to the animation team!

Well, you guys catch The Lego Batman Movie at your nearest cinema if you want to be entertained, laugh to your heart’s content.

My favorite quotes from The Lego Batman Movie

You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself – Barbara

Friends are Family you can choose

Batgirl: Why did you build this thing with only one seat?
Batman: Because last I checked I only had one butt

There is no “us”. Never will be. (Batman to Joker)


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