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  1. Hey Em,

    Hope you’re well! My name is Brian Magida and I’m on the Marketing Team here at Warby Parker. I really admire the space you’ve created, your chic sense of style is captured perfectly while adding your own personal touch.

    I’m reaching out to let you know we’re really excited for our upcoming Luminary Collection, which will introduce five new styles that embody a fearless personality. Our Luminary Collection is a nod to the visionaries, artists, and icons that aren’t afraid to be different. You know the type – inspiring and inherently confident.

    I wanted to ask you directly if you were interested in helping announce our newest collection within your editorial calendar. Would you be willing to write a post on launch day, Tuesday April 21st? Because this is a time-sensitive effort, I’d be sending you some materials before the launch date including product images and model images, as well as editorial copy that previews it’s inspiration.

    As always, for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

    Be sure to let me know as soon as possible – I’d love to have you on board to help launch this collection!



  2. Hi Em,

    My name is Jason Rogers, I work in the communications department at PricePanda Philippines. After visiting your website and reading its content I was hoping we could offer you a contribution from PricePanda. Or perhaps you would like to have our site reviewed for your readers?

    If you don’t know us, PricePanda is a price comparison website focused on helping shoppers who like to buy online, giving them information of the best prices in the market.

    As part of our expansion in the Philippines, we are contacting different websites to offer a collaboration that could be worthwhile for both of us. If you think you would be interested donĀ“t hesitate to contact me.


    Jason Rogers

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