How time flies! This is my 9th month since I started my fitness journey with coach Moy a.k.a. Datu Kubisog. I have never felt happier with my body, I felt more confident and above all, way stronger! I learned to embrace my body both its strengths and flaws. Looking back, well thanks to Facebook for the daily flashbacks – this “memories” thing keeps me reminded of how things were and how far I have come in most aspect of my life.

em fitness Photos above – 8 months apart. That photo of me in orange was actually taken May 2015, a month of working out with coach Moy.

Read about my fitness journey HERE – first update I wrote and you’ll see the difference :).

I started working with coach Moy April 2015 at 71kg (156.2lbs) but I was heavier than that few months back, tummy rounder as if I have this beer belly though I do not drink! To date, I am at 57.5 kg (126.5lbs) at 5’3” tall. I am already at my ideal weight (55kg-57kg). I know this might sound too much to some of you, or I may sound like an ungrateful bitch but I want to lose more, perhaps 5-10lbs more, on a healthier course. I’m looking into becoming leaner and gain more muscles and get rid of the excess fats on some areas of my body. I am seriously working my butt off to reach that goal and sometimes I honestly think that losing the few extra pounds is actually harder! I sometimes get so impatient that my coach would frown and would just laugh at me. **Sigh** I know I need to slow down and be realistic! I am only in my 9th month and I am lucky to be at this level in my fitness journey. These amazing women in fitness I look up to, it took them years and years of training, discipline, and commitment to be that toned and lean so I guess there’s no reason for me to be stressing out with fast results this early. I am lucky to have a coach who helps me understand this journey better, knows what he is doing, and who understands my body so well. Whenever I get disappointed with myself he is there to remind me how things work with this journey. 9 months! And I am becoming impatient and a brat!

coach and emCoach and I. Pre Holiday, Holiday, and Post Holiday Photos. 😀

I needed to keep these lessons in mind as I press on to this journey and I hope you too!

  1. Fitness is a process, NO shortcuts. You cannot over exercise, you cannot starve your way to fitness. You have to go through each single day and live with the process.

  2. Fitness is NOT A FAD but a way of life. If you are getting into something (Zumba, running, sport, gym,crossfit, etc), seriously get into it. Make it a goal to make fitness a lifestyle. Do not be like those who have tons of excuses (like I have no time, I am too tired, I don’t see results, yada yada!). It’s not a one time, one week, or a one month gig. If you want result, be CONSISTENT, be COMMITTED to it. Do it daily, or at least 5x a week. Do you know that it actually takes 66 days of doing something repeatedly for it to become a habit, a way of life? Yes, right 66 days until the behavior reached peak levels of automaticity! Not 10 days, not a month, not 21 days but 66 days! Get on to it and go challenge yourself! Be stronger than your excuses.

  3. BE PATIENT – losing weight and becoming fit and healthy, is not a walk in the park nor does it happen overnight. If it is or if it does produce overnight results, obesity won’t be an issue of this world right now. You might not see how your body responds to your fitness activities but trust that your body is really responding. Be patient and know that you are in the right track. You are always ahead to those who are not doing anything! Your efforts will soon pay off!
  4. Do NOT Compare yourself to others! This is an evil culprit and often discourages us especially when we see less progress despite all the efforts we think we gave. Even if you started working out together and you think that he/she is making more progress than you, do not dare compare yourself! You are unique! Go back to number 3, be PATIENT and realize that we have different bodies and our bodies respond differently. Some people tend to lose weight faster than the others. Don’t let other people’s success be your ruin! Again, remind yourself that you are in the right track! Focus on yourself, your goals and stay committed to it.

  5. ENJOY the journey! Do not stress out on seeing results right away. Remember number 1, it is a process so might as well enjoy while you’re on it. Find something to motivate you and will keep you pushing, a reason why you want to go forward in this fitness journey. As for myself, one of the reasons why working out or going to the gym is never a task is because the people I workout with are so much fun! I love how my gym mates became a family to me that going to the gym is something I always look forward to. Have fun with your workout, enjoy each day, laugh with your workout buddies, relax! Take some selfies if you must but don’t let it be your entire workout! Hahaha! Gym selfies is not a crime you know! Do not be too hard on yourself. Sometimes because we want to desperately see the result we always pictured out, we tend to go overboard and work our ass off leaving us super exhausted at the end of the workout and as a result we see and think of workout as something tedious! Take is easy. As my coach would tell me, “Remember this is a workout NOT work”.

I am not some fitness expert but these are the lessons I personally learned going through this journey. I know there will be more lessons as I continue and I have never been so excited. More lessons and tips soon! I Hope this helps!


21 Comments on Lessons and Tips From My Fitness Journey

  1. Enjoying the journey is probably the hardest part…well motivation, too. But we always want to look in the mirror after day one and see a big difference because it was so hard. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • You are always welcome :). It took me some time to really enjoy the journey, I continued to press on and as I see results, I also began to enjoy doing what I do :). I hope you’ll find your motivation too.

  2. You are doing such an amazing job! I really love all of your tips especially number 5. It is so important to enjoy the journey or you will never keep it up!

  3. Great tips. once baby comes I plan to severely up my fitness game. I love reading posts like these as they are very inspiring and make me excited to get my butt in gear!

    • Yey! congratulations in deciding to start this journey! I wish you all the best and may you find your motivation to keep you going and reach your goal.

  4. Great job on our fitness journey. You are so right when you say it is a process. I do believe the key to success is indeed patients. Thanks for sharing the tips and congrats on your success so far. Well done.

    • Thank you so much! It IS a process. I have learned to go through it and be patient with how my body responded to it and to the diet. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

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