How are you guys?! I hope you had an amazing weekend and that you are all doing well by God’s grace. As for me, my family had an awesome weekend. I am very much grateful to God for all the things he have done for us and for all the blessings.

Well anyway, back to the weekend, it was great! Saturday we watched X-Men and then Sunday, we went to church to worship the Lord and listen to His message. Since we went to the first service (CCF-9:00AM), we decided to do the grocery since we finish earlier. The husband and the kids decided to go to the Handyman while I was enjoying my time alone at the grocery (yes! taking my time! – I love it when I am alone at times because I get to do things in my own pace). I’m sure moms can pretty much relate.

Right before I finished my grocery, my boys with the husband came and told me they bought a new Water Filter System. We usually spend 400-500 pesos on drinking water monthly so Rex thought the water filter system will save us a lot. I haven’t really thought of it but I definitely think he has a point. Instead of buying water weekly and sometimes panic when we are running out of it and the delivery won’t be around until the next day!

The Megafresh Ceramic Water Filter has a Compact Multi-Stage Filtration Systems.

Ceramic Filer – Filters out dust, rush, cyst, Cryyptosporidium & Giardia, sediments and contaminants that are 0.9 micron or larger.
KDF – removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenicm chromium.
GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) – Premium grade granular activated carbon filter removes Cryptosporidium & Giardia, odor, taste and chemical contaminants, chlorine, pesticides, THM.
Silver Carbon – Eliminates bacterial growth. Removes chlorine, taste, Odor & Chemicals contaminants.
Nano Silver Fibre (AG) – Micro-nano silver fiber sterilizes up to 99.99% of micro-organisms. Removes bacteria, cyst.

Pardon me for the not so nice photo. Anyway, I’m showing you how this is conveniently setup. We are already loving how convenient it is to fill our pitcher with water. We say goodbye to carrying a whole gallon of water in order to fill one tiny pitcher! It’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it.

3 Comments on Mini Home Water Filter System

  1. Need one for whole house of three people so that all water entering home is filtered. Needs a UV source to kill living bacteria, etc. yes?

  2. Hi! How is your water filter now? I have just bought one of the same brand. I noticed that the water outlet is dripping. Do you have the same experience? If yes and you have fixed it, can you tell me how? Thanks!

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