It’s funny that I had to call this entry 1 Run 6 Lessons. I never thought a simple morning run can bring so much realizations. Discernment and lessons in life that is. A phase which seemed to be constant. Well, all these realizations came about while I was doing my morning run. I arrived a bit late in the oval when I got there after sending my youngest son to school. The sun was up as it was already past 7:30 in the morning…It wasn’t the usual gloomy weather we had like the past days which made it very okay for me to run a little late in the morning. There were few people left in the oval, jogging, walking, some were just in one corner stretching or chit chatting. I was hesitant to start running and was contemplating on proceeding to the gym and just do my cardio there before my strength training. But on the other hand, I was already there, paid the entrance and literally got myself into the oval so what the heck! let’s do it!

fitness run

I stretched a little and started jogging. You see every time I run, I see to it that I at least run 5 kilometers to make my time and effort count. I have to admit that at the point my heart was not into it. It felt like I was being dragged, my legs felt heavy as if it didn’t want to cooperate with me. My mind and my body weren’t in synced. The first round was so hard that I barely made it to the starting point. And then when I was back to where I started ready to do another round, I was so tempted to stop already and just hit the gym and continue my cardio there. And then again there’s this tiny voice in my head that tells me to hang in there and continue running. So there, I did continue to run at my own pace, the sun was still up, a bit distracting. Thankfully there were times where the sun seem to shy away and hide itself from me, thus, making the run way bearable! Still with few people in the oval doing their thing. I was in my 4th round and noticed that there were handful of of people coming in the oval who also just started. I was able to finish 5k in 35 minutes – my fastest so far. It was hard at first but eventually, I got myself into my “I-Will-Do-It” zone and rocked the 5k run! Yay! to willpower!


I Finished the run with 6 lessons learned:

  1. It is never too late to start something new for yourself. There’s no such thing as too late to dream! No matter where you are and what you are, it is never to late to dream and go after it and do the things you want to do and make life happen!
  2. There will be things that you’ll do in life that is hard at the very start of it. Perhaps, a decision you made, that brave and bold step you finally made. It’ll be hard at the beginning, just continue anyway. I promise you, it will become easier eventually.
  3. Push yourself, motivate yourself because no one else will do that for you. I know you probably have read it somewhere, but at that moment, I experienced it and understood what it meant to push yourself to get to that goal you have set.
  4. When you feel like giving up, that’s the point where you should continue to push yourself and remind yourself that you’ve already started it, therefore you WILL finish it! It’s okay to pause and take a little break but make sure to continue moving forward and not stop…unless you want to start over again.
  5. Just because there were people who were ahead with the race, doesn’t mean you are less likely to succeed or you are already behind the race. And just because many have gone through the race and probably have finished it already, you’d lose heart and turn your back. Remember that you are running your OWN race, it’s not a competition, you will get there at your own pace. Your life, your goals, your race, your triumph!
  6. Keeping your eyes on your goal and not losing sight of it will keep you going. The desire to continue and get to that goal and the desire to stop because you are tired an demotivated are both there..It’s up to you which thought and desire to feed!

The little things that we do in our daily lives indeed teaches us valuable lessons. Lessons that if we only pay attention will help us mold ourselves to be better individuals, and if you pay even closer attention, that can pave your way to a rewarding and meaningful life.



3 Comments on One Run Six Lessons

  1. I tried to run. Twice. Conclusion: it’s not for me. Something about my feet that running harms. Kahit brisk walking. Pang climbing or hiking nalang ako.

  2. Who would’ve thought you’d pick up so much wisdom in a 35min run that didn’t even excite you at first? I used to love running, but then I started working the night shift and found it hard to maintain a physical activity. I want to be able to break my personal 5k too, which is uhm, 45mins haha! Thanks for sharing and keep running! <3

  3. Nice to know that you have learned six lessons after a run. Well, for me, it took years before I realized several life lessons. But oh well, life is not a competition. We are running life individually with one destination – heavenward!

    I loved your photos. Your muscles are all well-toned!

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