Smart brings together the Eraserheads to go all out for a new, complete prepaid offer

Old school will always be cool. The comeback of trends from the 90’s —Pokémon, brown lipstick and Doc Martens boots — only shows it was the best era ever. It was also the golden age of Pinoy rock music.

And when you say Pinoy rock, the first band that comes to mind is the Eraserheads. Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raymund Marasigan, and Buddy Zabala are the four men behind the Eraserheads, one of the most important bands in the history of Pinoy rock music.


The last time the Eraserheads performed together on one stage was in 2009. Recently, Smart was able to bring them back together for a special private performance.

Individually, Ely, Marcus, Raymund, and Buddy are talented artists but together as the Eraserheads, they are legendary. Their time apart has only served to hone their talents and personalities. Other artists can perform Eraserheads songs well but no one can do “Magasin,” “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” Ligaya,” and “Pare Ko” like the original.


And as they say, “iba talaga ‘pag kumpleto.” Whether it is entertainment or anything else, people look for the whole package. In the same way, Smart’s prepaid call and text bundles are awesome, and its surf bundles equally so. But if you combine call, text and mobile internet, you have the most comprehensive prepaid deal ever.

On August 19, the telco launches ALLOUTSURF 30, the first complete data, call and text, offer in the market. For Php 30, prepaid subscribers get 2 days of 300MB data with free access to Facebook, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30 minutes calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

There is more.
eraserheads 2

“The All Out Surf campaign, like the Eraserheads’ performances, will show how being complete is always the best thing, whether it refers to a band or a promo. Seeing them together brings back so many memories and shows the power of being complete,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Mobile Business Head.

“Never miss out on anything that you’re passionate about, whether it’s your family members’ and friends’ posts on Facebook or browsing your favorite new websites. ALLOUTSURF 30 makes sure you’re connected when you need to be and don’t miss out on anything important,” she added.

Now, there’s no need to choose between call, text, and mobile data. You can have it all with ALLOUTSURF 30, the first promo offer to give subscribers what they want and need.

If you’ve just booked an Uber ride home and you need to call or text your driver, no problem. You can also check your email messages and social messaging apps. Information is just a click or a swipe away with ALLOUTSURF 30.

“Smart’s nationwide network makes sure you can keep in touch via call & text, and access the Internet for the things that matter like emails and online messages,” said Carag.

ALLOUTSURF 30 was created for today’s active digital users — from the student on a budget who always has to choose between two promos, or the young professional who always relies on Wi-Fi, to the grandma who loves to play Candy Crush and needs Facebook for “lives.”

For more information about ALLOUTSURF 30 and other promos, go to To avail, text ALLOUT30 to 9999.

Basic Yet Truly Effective Water Damage Prevention and Solutions

Old Shed House

Water damage is a very serious problem most especially for people who are living in low-lying and flood prone areas. It can totally ruin a property and if not taken care of immediately, can also compromise the health and wellness of people living inside the house. Water can easily deteriorate wooden structures and penetrate concrete if cracks are not properly sealed off. It can easily destroy any kind of machines, electrical equipment, gadgets and appliances too.

Old Shed House

What you can do to prevent water damage?

It’s quite easy to prevent any kind of damage brought about by unwanted water. Move your appliances and other equipment into a place or location where it can’t be easily reached by flood or water leak. Locate holes and cracks at your walls or even at your flooring and seal them immediately. Same thing goes with your roof; seal any kind of holes that you’ll see to prevent rain water from pouring in.

Water damage solutions, are there any?

If water touched your appliances, bring them to the electrician or other professionals who can check and repair them immediately. For flooded homes, especially the basement area, you can call water damage repair and restoration experts to check, assess and repair the damage that unwanted water brought. They can also effectively remove any remaining flood water by using special equipment and machinery. You can also ask them to thoroughly check your property to prevent mold growth.

These are just few of the many prevention and solutions to water damage that every homeowner can do immediately. They might sound really basic but they are truly effective in minimizing and even eliminating any kind of damage that unwanted water might bring.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. The same thing goes when it comes to water damage prevention and solutions. If your area is always flooded or water always gets in no matter how hard you tried to prevent such thing from happening, then it’s just right to move into another location.

Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else” – Peter F. Drucker, Austrian educator and author.

Most mothers’ commonly feel that they’re doing so much that they accomplish so little. This is a common notion for moms given the amount of hats they need to wear in a day (mom, chef, entertainer, storyteller, working mom). Although the BBC reported multi-tasking appears to be related to women rather than men, time management seems to be difficult for most moms that have countless tasks to do daily.


Photo Credit: texasgurl via Compfight cc

For most people, it’ll take a while to come up with a system that they can follow that will make things easier and simpler daily. Time management is a habit that needs to be nurtured and built on.

To help you out, here are some effective ways on how to manage your time wisely as a busy mom:

1. Learn to focus

Often, the biggest distractions can be yourself! Time management requires dedication from yourself not to allow distraction, such as social media and television. It helps to practice using a timer when finishing items in your to-do list (in fact, you’ll be surprised when you’re able to finish things ahead of your time limit). First, divide all the tasks based on their priority status and how much time should be allowed for each one. Then, use a timer and make sure you are not doing anything else in this time frame you set for each task.

To give yourself some time to adjust, it helps to set your alarm clock at home 15 minutes earlier than usual. Eventually, you will be able to wake up without an alarm clock, according to Life Hacker, in no time – just take it one step at a time.

2. Use mobile apps

Several studies have indicated the positive effects of video and smartphone gaming, with researchers seeing strong correlations between increased gameplay with better stress management, reduce levels of depression, and generally improve mood, which is pretty evident with mobile users that play with their phones whenever they have a spare moment. From worldwide gaming phenomena like Pokemon Go to different gaming platforms such as money-generating titles like Cashino, our smartphones are providing us a sense of relief that no other gadget has done in the past. Thus, anytime you need to take a breather, don’t be afraid to play a couple of quick games on your mobile because it can provide you with a whole host of benefits in the long term and short term.

Other than games, there are loads of productivity apps to keep yourself on track with daily tasks, as well as organize anything family related. Some apps that you an take a look at include:

Cozi ( is an app that allows you to share a color-coded calendar for each family member to remind them of their to-do lists as well as inform them of your shopping lists by store. It also comes with a meal planner and family journal you can share easily with your loved ones.

Toodledo ( helps you in organizing your tasks by folder, priority, tags, and subtexts to easily filter them. The scheduler makes it easier to determine the tasks you need to prioritize based on your time availability and task due dates. Set its alarm and reminders so you won’t miss an important item on your to-do list.

Big Oven ( makes planning a lot simpler as it offers you a library filled with over 250,000 recipes that you’ve stored, favorite, created, and recorded. The best part about this app is its ability to suggest meal ideas based on the leftovers you have at home.

3. Divide and delegate

You can only do so much in a day. Although moms are the nearest form of super humans on earth, we also need time to rest and unwind. The best way to be able to free your hands of other tasks is by dividing them along with other members of your family and delegate what they need to do. Be assertive, but reasonable. Some tasks cannot be done by children, so make sure to only give them easy chores such as picking up their toys or cleaning their rooms. You are not becoming less of a mom by allowing them to share your workload, just be open with them about how you feel and your family will be more than happy to assist.

Learning To Play The Piano

One of the things that I always wished I can do is play the piano. I am always fascinated with people who can just sit there and have their fingers play on those piano keys and play such beautiful music! I regret not taking the piano lesson opportunity with my cousins when I was younger! Now all I can do is watch them play so beautifully! Talk about regrets! haha!

piano and piano books
But anyway, I love that my youngest son is showing interest in playing the piano. He can play a little but he definitely needs proper lesson to master it, plus lot more practice! And what better way to help him than providing him with piano books that will aid his learning. So far I can see he is learning fast and I hope he will continue with it an one day play such beautiful music.

Salad, Anyone?

I love to cook, I love the kitchen especially when I am in the mood. I can bake a little (little, like seriously konti lang :D). I love to experiment in the kitchen and come up with viand recipes with whatever I have available. But you know what’s ironic? I can’t seem to put together a decent salad for myself! I know, I know! I’m supposed to just toss in all the veggies and fruits but to me tossing everything together feels like sabotaging myself and preparing myself for the worst meal of my life ever! hahaha!

BUT, it seems like I cannot get away with salads since I started my fitness journey and realized that buying it everyday has become costly and impractical. My friend who shares the same diet with me decided it’s time that we make our own salad. We took a trip to the market and bought our stuff. Now the challenge! how do I do it? Finally I took the courage to wash the lettuce, prayed, imagined that salads I have had, and chanted “just toss it all together, just toss it all together!” Okay I sounded so OA and crazy, but seriously, I was that nervous! hahahahaha!

So with no further ado, here’s my creation! goshhh! don’t judge me, I’ll do better next time!


  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • 1 Boiled Egg
  • Canned corned tuna
  • Chicken spread


As much as I wanted to make my own salad dressing, I don’t have the ingredients needed (following the recipes I found online). Promise, this will improve next time! If you have healthy dressing recipes please share it with me! :).